Learn the most important skills of data specialists

Certainly, data-related professions are some of the most important professions of the present age and are almost one of the highest-paid professions in the world. Thanks to AI, in particular, machine learning and of course robots, all of which will only be possible with data specialists who feed all of these technologies.

Because of the growing importance of data science, it would be good to know what techniques and languages ​​should be learned to be an effective part of building new-age technologies. Quickly to catch the journey and learn the most important skills necessary for it, so we’ll look at the most important data scientists and specialists should learn.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most important areas of artificial intelligence, as it relies on data and algorithms to enable the machine (the computer) to make self-decisions without programming directly. The only one that the machine learns and therefore the higher the quality, variety and relevance of the data to the task of the program, the smarter the program and more able to make correct and accurate decisions.

This technology will be the cornerstone for the development of many other smart technologies such as self-driving cars and sales sites and improve the user experience to suit him.

Machine learning needs a distinctive mix of science: mathematics, data science, and software engineering, including programming skills, statistics, probability, data modeling, and systems design.

Python language

It is an easy and versatile programming language that can be part of a website, a smart application, a desktop application or put the software described in it within the Server and communicate with it and get the features of that language.

It is one of the most important languages ​​suitable for dealing with data.

This language can be easily learned as the Internet is full of courses, websites, and communities for Python.

Language R

An open-source statistical package that facilitates the analysis and handling of big data, and has many features such as linear and non-linear modeling and time series analysis. Helps accelerate and optimize results and easily manipulate data in a visual, comprehensible and aggregated manner, thereby developing and improving algorithms according to the nature of this data.

SQL databases

No one can not emphasize the importance of databases in the organization of data and facilitate handling so we can not talk about data science without going through the most important databases to offer this area, where SQL databases allow to retrieve data when needed, and facilitate access to large quantities Anyone, regardless of background, can learn the concepts of databases, manipulate them, and learning materials are widely available online for those who wish.

Hadoop program

A software framework or environment that stores and processes a large amount of data across sets of computers, is very flexible and scalable, and helps companies identify trends and predict results to improve critical decision-making processes. Increase the important jobs that a data specialist can get, and by searching online we will find many good courses that help develop the knowledge related to it.

Some other skills:

The possibility of developing the expertise of data specialists is unlimited and each new skill is, of course, a better opportunity added to the list of employment opportunities available to the talented people, and things that can be interested in the data learners:

  • Statistics: Mastering the concepts of statistics and methods of reading statistical data and classifying them well is a truism that must be developed in the data world.
  • Linear Algebra: which helps to develop better algorithms to deal with data of any kind, which may be asked in job interviews.
  • Data visualization: Data visualization gives information that may be difficult to obtain with normal data reading.
  • Software Engineering Concepts: These concepts are articulated if the work is not limited to data only, but data related to large software systems, which is most common for data scientists.
  • Data-based intuition: the ability to predict data readability as well as the ability to solve problems based on data, which is important when data relates to the fate of large companies and data-based products.

Of course, many other skills make the data world distinct from others because the profession of data specialists is diverse and requires comprehensive skills and strong, as the sensitivity of the data and the accuracy of dealing with it can only be in the hands of multidisciplinary expertise of all aspects.