Learn to build a professional site in 1 day

Maybe the title of the article looks a little strange to you, and think that one day a professional site can not be launched. But we are here with you to teach you how to build a professional site in less than a day.

The site build process takes less than a day to provide the necessary programming ground. In designing a site, you need three tools that will prepare a site by providing all three of these options. These three tools include the following:

Websites are available in a variety of ways, categorized into two categories of dynamic sites and static sites. As the name of the static site is known, the content of such sites is constant and limited to a few pages.

But in contrast to dynamic sites, they are not fixed and there are many pages in them. Because content entry on such sites is manually coded, timely work requires a content management system. Therefore, they require a commentator and programming to process the information.

Learn to build a professional site

A professional site is the professional processing of information. Such sites are dynamic sites. After purchasing the domain and connecting it to the hosting, you can use the system to build a professional site.

You need to buy a hosting and domain to build a professional site. Then select the content management system and use it after installation on the host. But in this tutorial, we’re going to teach you how to build the site in a new way, which helps you minimize site building costs.

The system that we are going to introduce it Site Builder which helps you create your site in less than a day and make it available to others. It has made it possible for everything including the appearance of the site and pre-made facilities. All you have to do is select one of the proper templates for building your site and then personalize your content tailored to your business personalization.

After logging in to the website at www.wordpress.com, click on the Registration button. In this case, you will be redirected to the registration page, which you must select at this point in your website type.

Currently, the website you can create is located in two categories of site and blog. After selecting one of these options, a page will be displayed. By selecting any of the above options, pre-made templates for these types of sites are displayed. At this point, choose one of your favorite templates to build the site.

At this point, you must enter the site information and profile information, and then click the Next Step button.

As you can see, your site is made up, and now it’s time to get into your web site management environment based on the information you submit.

Once you have entered the dashboard environment, the settings for each section will be provided to you to fully manage your site. Up to now, your site has been created and a 7-day grace period is provided free of charge, during which time you will be familiar with the system and design your site.

After completing this 7-day period, you can charge your chosen plan and login to the Internet business world by connecting the domain to the website. In this dashboard, each section is individually available to manage your pages, posts, settings, and more so you can easily manage your site without the need for technical knowledge. Here are some of the features and benefits of using the site maker .

1- No need to buy domain

Creating a site in wordpress is created by a subdomain. Once registered, your site is available with the selected template and you can complete the site design within seven days without having to purchase .

After this time, charging a user account and paying for the site, you will be given the opportunity to choose a free IR or COM domain for your site and make a more formal form of your business by connecting the domain to the site.

2. No need to buy a server and server

The site builder will provide the space you need to upload files. You do not need to buy hosts when you use this site. Just go to the file manager and add any custom file to your site.

The bandwidth and resources provided for each site are also so easy to meet your needs.

3. No need to hire a backup

Every website requires a backup to resolve site problems and do all the work to optimize and speed up the site. But the site is different from sites like blog. You can easily communicate in a variety of ways, such as sending a ticket and telephone call with the support and fixing your problems in the shortest time.

You can also use the free advice team that will contact you after the site is constructed and become familiar with all sections of the website.

4. Optimized for search engines

The store was created based on the latest site design techniques. When you use this system, your site will be faster. The pages are fully optimized for search engines and the necessary substrate for entering SEO details is provided to move the jet to higher ranks in search results.

Given that more than half of users use sites using mobile phones, the ranking criterion is based on the speed of access to the site in the mobile.

The website has been developed in a highly responsive and responsive manner. With any device and any size of display that your store opens, it will fit into the appearance of the site and, as a result, you will experience more speed on mobile phones, which will improve the ranking of the site.

5- Minimize your expenses

The use of systems such as WordPress site builder costs to buy a variety of formats, purchase add-ons to increase and recruitment support for management of the site dates. If you add the cost of buying domains and shopping to this list, in the first year you will need an approximate cost of more than 2 million USD to build the site.

But using the wordpress site is everything ready for you. The predefined templates will allow you to easily change it whenever you need to change the template, and you will not be charged for changing the template. Also, the tool for making molds in this system is made that you can easily design a mold to fit your site or you can ask the team to design and implement the template specifically for you. .

Access to features in the wordpress blog also has no limitations. Any features available on the blog will be available to you. The blogging team is also continually working on developing a system and adding new features to it so you can use all of these features at no additional cost.

6. Security of the system

In other content management systems, because of the open source kernel of the system is visible to everyone. Aside from these plug-ins used on sites, they are generally free or, if they are not free, they will be put into a null.

That’s why hackers can easily find ways to hack into the system. It’s enough to find a bug in the system so that all sites that use the system are hacked and infiltrated.

But the site builder does not provide access to the kernel of the system. The sites that use the system do not have access to the core, and they simply provide the tools needed to manage the site.

Do you think that using the site maker is a good option, or is it using an open source system that has access to its entire core for other people? What will be the cost of a site over a year?