Microsoft is reviewing the ethics of artificial intelligence products

Tech companies, including Microsoft, have emphasized that artificial intelligence has great benefits beyond imagination, but the world has to wait a bit. For example, should the police be banned from using artificial intelligence and face recognition?

So, what did Microsoft say?

In an interview with Microsoft President Brad Smith on the ethics of artificial intelligence products, Smith emphasized the regulation of the use of artificial intelligence, attention to the segment that will use it, and who is entitled to do so. Technology does good for people, but sometimes it is misused in ways that lead to prejudice, such as the idea of ​​mass surveillance achieved on the ground in China, having been pure science fiction in the past.

Therefore, Microsoft rejected deals to sell face recognition to buyers who would use it for privacy purposes, as they did at the California Police Department. They wanted to inject this technology into all of their police cars, so in the event of any crime or event punishable by law, A list of suspects will be created and this service will be used to search for them.

What if a program error occurs?

Well, face recognition services rely on capturing images of citizens’ faces and keeping them in the database on state servers. Face data and then search for or track it.

That is, we find many people who are thrown into the back seat of police cars without any knowledge of what is going on around them just because of a technical error.

Why has Microsoft set limits?

This service is not fully ready, it may bias or liken someone to another person by mistake, ie the accuracy of the service has not yet reached 100%.

AI specialists know very well that it is difficult to find an AI algorithm that gives 100% accuracy results, because the training samples that were used to develop the algorithm will differ from the test samples or samples that will be used in working life, and therefore there is still the possibility of error in these techniques, However, algorithm operators always try to minimize this possibility to refine the ethics of AI products.

Smith also stated that if AI services are used in a limited environment with a small number of individuals, there is no objection to that, especially if it is important and useful, the identification rate will be more correct.

What annoyed some Microsoft employees earlier this year?

They are facing thorny problems with their AI-related products, because of the magnitude of the damage risks that may occur from the sale of some buyers, except for some problems that prevent the sale of others because of professional ethics.

However, the problems have expanded to Microsoft’s environment, because of a deal between Microsoft and the US military to create augmented reality headphones for soldiers, but since Microsoft is a giant company with employees of all nationalities, opinions are split between supporters and opponents.

What was the result in the end?

It was the administration’s last decision. Smith stressed that there was a national responsibility to provide artificial intelligence and technological products to the US military, so since Microsoft is an American company, the balance will tend to close the deal and resolve the dispute with other members who do not approve other projects. Not relevant, so out of respect for views.

Smith also stressed that there are many sectors working in the field of artificial intelligence, but that does not mean that the products that will be exported will take us to a different world from what we live now, it is true that technology plays a wide role in the world, but there is still an end to everything, especially if these Techniques do more harm than good.

Smith said that there are many complaints about technical products, especially on the ethics of artificial intelligence products. They deal with these complaints as a routine, such as a complaint from college students about the college restaurant’s food.

These techniques, such as the sword, and those who want to deal with them, must be very careful and knowledgeable, not all the public to use, it brings great damage, and for these reasons, Microsoft decided to review the plan of ethics of artificial intelligence for its products.