Mozilla Firefox add-ons that make using your browser easier and safer

Mozilla’s reputation in the world of free and open-source software through its most popular product Firefox browser is considered a strong competitor in the world of Internet browsers, with each new version of this browser adds more new tools that deceive online advertisers It offers faster browsers and features required by users, and Mozilla Firefox add-ons make the browsing experience more efficient and reliable.

All this is in addition to the online health report, a tradition that began in 2018, and at regular periodic intervals, the company continues to issue periodic updates to the Firefox browser to make browsing online easier, faster and safer.

Mozilla Firefox Highlights

TrackThis : Fool online followers to create fake profiles for you

Did you go through this terrible moment when you were browsing something and suddenly saw ads for related products? As online advertisers constantly track every step you take to display targeted ads, TrackThis is a Mozilla initiative to trick these tracking devices and protect your identity.

So how does it work? TrackThis lets you choose from four “change your identity” profiles: Hypebeast, Filthy Rich, Doomsday and Influencer to make sure you’re as far away as possible from these followers. Once you’ve made your decision, this site will open 100 different links that tell advertisers that the user is visiting, which in turn deceives trackers who are looking for information about you and end up visiting the wrong profile for you.

Of course, this trick can work on browsers other than Firefox, but you should make sure to allow it to open pop-ups. This will actually open up 100 new tabs, which can completely disable browsers or operating systems, so be sure to turn on TrackThis only after saving all important data and then you will be fine.

Facebook Container: To better protect your privacy on Facebook

Social networking site Facebook is known for its many violations of the privacy of its users, and how it actively tracks their browsing activity online. Last year, Mozilla responded by launching an add-on called Facebook Container to protect the privacy of social network users via Firefox.

Facebook Container prevents the social network from following you on websites with a Like or Share button, which is the most common tactic Facebook uses to track its users. Once you have installed the plugin, you will see a “fence” icon in the top right-hand corner of your browser to indicate that the plugin protects your privacy.

More importantly, Facebook Container is worth installing even if you are not a Facebook user, as the social network is known to create shadow profiles for people who are not registered. In particular, Mozilla points out that the new version of this add-on will make it difficult for Facebook to obtain data about these users and create profiles.

ScreenshotGo : Search for text in screenshots and organize them

If you take a lot of screenshots on your phone, then you need this app, Mozilla ScreenshotGo is an application to organize and manage all your screenshots, and even search for text in them.

ScreenshotGo automatically recognizes every screenshot taken on the phone. Each can be added to a group, such as chat history, shopping, finance, and news, and you can create your own groups as well. It will take about an hour of time, but do this exercise once to organize your photos and possibly save plenty of storage space on your phone.

But the most useful feature is OCR where ScreenshotGo can read the text in your photos, so you can search the app to find all the screenshots where your keyword appeared on the screen. The screenshots you store become much more useful.

Firefox Preview: A faster privacy-focused browser

Firefox Preview is a new beta browser developed by Mozilla, based on Firefox, which focuses on privacy and speed. The browser is a combination of Firefox Focus and the regular Firefox, a snapshot of the final product to be released later this year. If you’re familiar with Fenix, this is the beta version that Mozilla offers users to get to know early on.

The great new feature in this release is Groups, which develops bookmarks on your desktop, where you can save a group of sites or web pages as a group, such as sites you visit as part of your morning routine. With one click all these locations in this group will be opened or you can run them individually.

Firefox Preview is powered by Mozilla’s mobile browser engine GeckoEngine, which has proven to be faster in testing than any other. It also blocks online ad trackers by default and protects your identity and privacy. Mozilla claims that this focus on privacy makes the whole browsing experience really faster.

When you use it for the first time you will find that it is normal that Firefox Preview has some crashes which are normal because of the browser so far in beta. But according to our personal experience, it works well so far and is actually an exciting product worth trying.

Firefox Lite: Lightweight browser with full-page screenshots

The regular version of Firefox is full of features and takes up an estimated amount of storage space, not to mention it’s processor and battery resources. If you’re running an old or slow Android phone, consider switching to Firefox Lite.

The app is a lightweight version of Firefox that has been compressed and has many of the best features like Turbo Mode, which works to block online bots and load web pages faster. If you have a slow connection or want to save data, you can block all pages from uploading images with a single click in Settings.

If you want to save any page to read later while offline, you can take a screenshot of the entire page, and Firefox Lite has other great features like private browsing/incognito, night mode, quick launch home screen, and news feed. If you are short of space and want something lightweight and fast, this is your browser.

And finally

As you look at these new apps and gadgets, don’t forget the main Firefox browser. Mozilla is constantly updating it with new features, privacy protection, speed, and stability improvements.

In fact, the latest version of Firefox comes with the original password manager that works on mobile phones as well. Firefox Lockwise, formerly known as Lockbox, contains apps for Android and iOS that will automatically fill passwords on any third-party application you run.