New iPhone 2020: 5G support and fingerprint inside the screen and many other rumors

As the new iPhones approach this year, a lot of leaks have come around, and they will not come with a lot of changes, which is not surprising for Apple, which is famous for lagging behind competitors regarding the use of the latest technologies and new features. One of the most important features that will be delayed by Apple this year is 5G technology, as all rumors indicate that this technology will not come until next year with the new iPhone 2020.

Since this year’s iPhone will not bring a lot of new features, it has been a long time since rumors spread about the iPhone 2020, where it is expected to bring a lot of new upgrades related to design and performance and support 5G in addition to some other features that we will talk about In this article.

The most important rumors about the new iPhone 2020

Support 5G technology

So far, all rumors suggest that 5G will not arrive until next year at least with the new iPhone 2020, and in fact no one needs to follow the leaks to know that the legal battles between Apple and Qualcomm were one of the main reasons for this delay, as Qualcomm is the main supplier of modems 5G for phones.

Several months ago, the two companies finally reached an agreement , and the legal battles between them ended in exchange for Apple to pay a sum of money in addition to some other conditions, one of the most important of these conditions is that Qualcomm will be one of the major suppliers of some of the electronic chips for Apple for several years.

According to a report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will launch three new iPhones in 2020, two of which will support 5G technology using Samsung and Qualcomm modems, while the third will come with only 4G support and is expected to be the new generation of the current iPhone XR.

Convert to OLED screens completely

The iPhone XR received a lot of criticism after the launch of the Galaxy S10e from Samsung several months ago because the S10e came at the same price as the iPhone XR but OLED screen instead of LCD and higher accuracy as well.

So far, most leaks indicate that iPhone phones coming this year will not abandon the use of LCD screens in the next generation of iPhone XR, but according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, the new iPhone phones 2020 will dispense with the use of LCD screens in its phones will be fully used OLED even in the next generation of iPhone XR.

The smaller notch, fingerprint and front camera inside the screen

According to the DigiTimes website, Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 2020 with unexpected screen measurements. These measurements will be 5.42, 6.06 and 6.67 inches for the new generations of XS, XR, and XS Max. Strangely, the company may reduce the screen size of the iPhone The next XS instead of increasing it with the current version comes with a 5.8-inch screen.

Another report from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that the new iPhone phones for 2020 will come with a slightly smaller Notch, as the current Notch is becoming annoying and makes the phone look old due to the spread of many new designs that came with a smaller Notch such as OnePlus 7 or even notch at all like the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Also, an analyst at an investment company called Credit Suisse told China Times that it is also possible that one version of the new iPhone 2020 will come without the whole notch, as the company is expected to achieve this by using an in-screen fingerprint sensor instead of Face technology. ID, which is the main reason behind the large notch for Apple phones, and the front camera may also be below the screen, according to the analyst’s claim.

The analyst also predicted that Apple will go to use this new design in all of its phones for 2021, and will rely on an in-screen fingerprint sensor from its production instead of relying on external suppliers. This is highly unlikely given that Apple is always the last company to make drastic changes to its phones in terms of design, but the possibility of achieving this is still possible, although it is subject to intense competition from other Chinese phone companies that change the design of their phones almost every year.

Improved performance and A14 processor

A report from DigiTimes website that Apple will move to 5 nm in its next processor with the new iPhones 2020, and although the 7 nanometer technology brought by the A12 processor gave the device a great advantage in the subject of performance and energy consumption, but the transition to 5 nanotechnology M will be another powerful boost for Apple’s processors if it can launch its processor with this technology ahead of competitors as it did with the A12 processor.

According to the report, TSMC is in the process of developing the technology to be ready for Apple processors next year, of course, the likelihood that this particular rumor is incorrect, as the transition to 5 nm technology at this speed is not simple and requires a lot of research and experiments to become this technology Ready to manufacture and use.

The new version of iPhone 8

Another report from the DigiTimes website that Apple may launch a new version of the iPhone 8 in the first quarter of 2020, and according to sources from the research firm Fubon Securities Investment Trust is expected to come in the same size as the screen of the iPhone 8 basic, which comes measuring 4.7 inches from The LCD is also likely to come with the same design while preserving the wide bezels, the front fingerprint sensor and a single rear camera.

Do you think Apple will make all these changes for the new iPhone 2020? Will you wait for her time to buy your next phone? Share your opinion in the comments.