The AIDA model is a way to attract more customers

It’s probably not the first time that AIDA’s name is fried. In this blog, we are going to discuss the AIDA model and its stages in detail. In the digital world today, the AIDA model allows businesses to determine their strategies based on their ability to target potential customers to the sales funnel and ultimately make them loyal to customers .

11 The mistake leading to failure in the bonding link

It’s virtually meaningless to enter a digital marketing world without having digital assets like a valid and optimized website for search engines. Making fundamentally bonding links is one of the key steps in optimizing search engines (SEOs) . In previous articles, we discussed in detail the concept of bonding links and linking methods . A simple bindings link is a process to get a link from a website

9 important techniques for optimizing images for SEO

As a blogger or blogger or magazine online, maybe you always wondered if my article needs a picture? You must know that the answer to this question is always positive. Photos and images not only give the spirit of the subject and create better user experience in the reader , but also optimize search engines.They also play a major role. Research shows that

14 ways to optimize URL for SEO

You might imagine that the URLs only display the position of a single page of the website, but from the point of view of the SEO experts, the URL has a lot of information that is important. The URL for search engines plays the role of a signal that they get from the content. The

Important Points to Optimize Search Engines or Technical SEOs (Part One)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a strategic way to increase website traffic . A good SEO will make your website a better place in the search results. SEO can be viewed from a technical and content-centered perspective. Technical SEO, like the backbone of a website, has become increasingly important in recent years due to changes in Google’s algorithms. Imagine producing great

Best Digital Marketing Company and Best Internet Marketing Agency in Tehran – Iran

In this paper, we intend to review and compare digital marketing services providers. In this paper, we have tried to review the best digital marketing companies or digital marketing companies, either digital marketing or online marketing and Internet marketing in Tehran, the Digital Marketing Center of Iran . So be the best digital marketing company in Tehran and Iran. Digital marketing companies are