The MSI GE75 Raider 9SF comes at a price of AED 9999 (we will call it Raider 9SF from now on) and has been priced and made similar to its predecessors, which should meet the requirements of players looking for a device that can easily play modern games in 1080p or 2K resolution. It is an advanced step from the GE73 laptop, and comes with a 1080p / 144Hz IPS display, Intel Core i7-9750H CPU, Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, 16GB RAM, and a huge SSD that can handle the toughest tasks. But his loud fan and short battery life were enough to make me hesitate to recommend it.

The best feature of the laptop is its performance. It has an advanced Intel Core i7-9750H CPU that when combined with the existing SSD provides excellent performance for everyday tasks. But according to the test results revealed, the i7-9750H is not faster or better than the i7-8750H, so if the processor is your final determinant during the purchase of the next laptop, it is better to buy a cheaper i7-8750H CPU that offers similar performance.

The software from MSI lets you change the color and temperature of the screen through a range of presets, most notably Gamer, Anti-Blue, sRGB, Designer, Office and Movie.

I found that Office settings provide the most accurate colors (especially if you want true white colors) but I preferred Gamer settings more because they are eye-friendly and offer a balanced viewing experience. A comfortable device to play for long periods of time.Although its temperature rises near the keys, it is not too hot and I didn’t feel the heat when I indulged.