Snaptube app review: Download any video and save it to your device for viewing later

You may be planning to go on a trip with your friends to a place where there is no internet, you may need to save a music track or video to take advantage of it on your trip or the road, the first option when searching for your request will be YouTube or Facebook or even Soundcloud Of course, the media is directly available so that the user can stay on it for a longer time.

SnapTube software is available for Android system of the best applications to download videos and save them for viewing later because of its light size and ease of use and is characterized by the speed in downloading videos while maintaining high accuracy.

The application provides you with many amazing options where you can download videos from the most famous sites and applications such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion and many other sites in several different formats and high accuracy, as the application allows you to discover new or most viewed videos in several different sites.

One of the unique features in the application is the possibility to download MP3 files to your device from sites dedicated to it such as SoundCloud and others.

Snaptube features

  • You can download videos from over 50 sites.
  • You can choose the right quality for the video you want to upload from 144 pixels to 2048 × 1080 HD.
  • You can download any video in Mp3 format directly without having to convert the format.
  • Easily download videos from networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram once you copy the link in the application.
  • Due to its great security, 40 million users use the application.

How to install snaptube

The application is free to download and install and does not ask you for any special powers. We will explain to you during the following lines how to download the application and use it to upload your media, as well as browse the most popular content on different networks such as Facebook, YouTube, and also Instagram and Vine.

You can easily install the app by following these steps:

  • You can download the application to your computer in the form of APK and then transfer it to your phone and then install it after enabling the installation option from external sources.
  • You can also download the application directly from your phone by going to this address   and then pressing the download button to download an APK file and then install it in the same way.
  • After the download is complete you can install the application by pressing Install and then enable the Unknown Sources option.
  • After the installation is complete you will find the application on your phone and then you can directly use it.

Snaptube interface

When you open the application you will find four options:

  • Video Site It shows you a list of sites where you can upload clips.
  • Popular It displays the most viewed videos
  • Top Displays the most downloaded clips.
  • Categories You can choose the type of video you want to watch whether it is a political, sports or music video.

The application provides in its main interface the possibility of adding other sites can be downloaded videos easily, and also contains a very distinctive feature is in addition to the possibility of downloading the clip in any format the application shows you the size of the clip in its various formats.

How to use

As we said before that the method of use is very easy if you want to download a video from YouTube and once you search for the name of the desired video from within the program snaptube itself and when you play the clip to be downloaded you will see an arrow below and clicking on it will directly download the clip and save it in the memory of the device in the format and size chosen .

Snaptube program is a very distinct application and provides features rarely found in any other application and the most important is the level of protection and security provided by the application as well as ease and accuracy and simplicity of the interface and use.