Sony WH-1000XM3 offers a very excellent experience and may be my favorite choice and a lot of choice if you want a headset that isolates noise perfectly with many other great options in your hands, and not only that, but it provides excellent sound quality in various Different environments and sound patterns.

The design of the headset is very similar to the previous version WH-1000XM2 but unlike the previous version Sony has dispensed with the metal in the manufacture of the headset and replaced with plastic, and I think this is due to the lightness of the plastic from the metal and thus you will not feel that the headset heavy on your ears, and deliberately Sony is somewhat simply design and although you may feel that this thing is negative, I find the beauty of the headset in its simplicity, especially the black color of it where the name of the Sony has been engraved in copper color, which gives a beautiful aesthetic appearance, and this version also comes a bit larger than the previous version.

You can also control the sound by touching on the right side of the speaker.For example, when you double-tap the speaker, you can play and pause music or answer incoming calls.If you scroll up and down, you will increase and decrease the volume and other features.

But one of the really cool features that you might need if you are like me is always on public transport. It is a quick attention feature. So if you press and hold on the right side of the speaker, the speaker will temporarily lower the music so that you can hear the person talking to you. After you guide him, you remove your finger again from the right side and the music returns to the same degree. Sound a T you prefer, the same way you can use the digital assistant.

In fact, my experience with most Bluetooth headsets was bad with calls in crowded places and I often end up listening to conversations going on instead of listening to me.This headset offers remarkable progress over its predecessor. The number of internal microphones, Sony also offers the Headphones Connect app on Android and iOS phones, which provides you with some additional options to adjust noise isolation depending on the environment in which you use the headset and the activity you are doing.

But what about the battery, and I think this is of the utmost importance to any Bluetooth headset, this headset has a long life and similar to the previous version up to 30 hours, but the difference here is that this headset supports fast charging as it charges fully in about 2 hours and 45 Accurate.

With all of the above, Sony has tried to put the best in the noise isolation headphones in this headset, you may have taken some decisions that may not like some like cutting out the metal and replacing it with plastic, but overall it offers a very great sound with many options Noise-isolating, and you can control the speaker on the right side, adding some smart options you might need in your daily life.