Surf the Internet from your mobile phone anonymously

Today the data is worth a black gold and we can see websites that pay a lot of money for some personal data. Safety and confidentiality are virtually non-existent in the world we live in today. But there are some things that we can do for browsing anonymously using our smartphones and we can do this by following only simple steps.

Incognito browsing

Using incognito browsing is essential if you are looking for secure and confidential online browsing. This is one of the most popular actions among users, but in order not to exaggerate too much, the hidden mode does not provide you with an anonymous communication channel while browsing.

Depending on incognito mode, your browsing data and recent history are safe only. You can simply switch to incognito mode. It is available on most smartphones and Google Chrome is the most popular browser in the industry, second only to Safari and Firefox.

Turn off location data

Location data is very important for websites and collection of this type of data is very common, so try to turn off the option of sharing location before accessing the Internet for browsing, and do not turn on the location option if not necessary, access to this type of data has become accessible to everyone and as a dreamer of a secret and safe browsing you will not want anything like this.

Replace the search engine with a safer one

Search engine Google of the most famous search in the world ‘s engines and used by many people around the world, but unfortunately, the search engine Google collects phone data in detail, your personal information and the Business and the places you visit and everything, and you can observe precisely through preferences proposed by you and these suggestions you can Deduce the accuracy of your data collection, but the only solution is to migrate to a more secure and stable browser.

The recent DuckDuckGo browser has proven its efficiency in this aspect. After the experience and hearing the opinions of users found that DuckDuckGo engine is suitable for everyone and provides a space of freedom while browsing, it does not follow you wherever you go and does not record your data and favorite places, and you can get the engine Search as a standalone application you install on your smartphone.

Use Web Proxy

Think of Web proxy as a virtual private browser that we can easily access from anywhere. Instead of visiting websites from our regular browsers, we first go to sites that provide the Web proxy service to the desired site.

This provides us with many benefits, including preventing the websites we visit from tracking us, as well as protecting our data and hiding our IP address. These include, Whoer Proxy and  KProxy.

VPN Software

Installing VPN software is one of the things we are accustomed to. The user installs this type of software on his smartphone and creates a virtual channel through which to connect to the Internet. You are browsing from and changing the phone’s IP address.

This software provides you with a secure Internet connection because your connection to the Internet is through the channels provided by the VPN software. Or your internet service provider knows what content your phone receives.

There are many VPN apps available for Android smartphones such as Proton VPN, Turbo VPN, and Psiphon.

Tor Network

If you are looking for the safest way to browse the Internet, you should use the TOR. TOR is simply a connection point for a group of networks that are connected around the world.

When you send a request, it will not reach the final destination directly, but first, the request will be encrypted and directed to another server in the TOR network and then encrypted again and sent to another server in the network. This process is repeated several times before the request reaches its final destination. In the same way, you take the same route back, and to use the TOR features, we need browsers and applications for this type of network, including Orbot and Orfox.