The AIDA model is a way to attract more customers

It’s probably not the first time that AIDA’s name is fried. In this blog, we are going to discuss the AIDA model and its stages in detail. In the digital world today, the AIDA model allows businesses to determine their strategies based on their ability to target potential customers to the sales funnel and ultimately make them loyal to customers .

The potential customers are taken from the four stages of the AIDA model, which has been named since the beginning of the four words Attention, Interest, Desire and Action, to become your true and loyal customers. In fact, this model is a way forward for customers and ultimately prepares them for decision and purchase. In other words, customers can go through every stage and complete their emotions and thoughts that they are ultimately determined to choose their brand and make their purchases of your products and services. Just keep in mind that at the beginning, just like the sales funnel , you will have a lot of customers in the first stage, but over time, as customers move through each step, they will eventually end up with a much smaller, but more in-depth audience. Here are four steps in the AIDA model:

Stage One: Attention or Awareness

In the first step, you need to attract the attention of your audience to the brand, the products and services you offer, and to increase your brand awareness, so you need to identify well-informed audiences and their problems and issues. Have the best performance. At this point, you can help generate content and respond to audience problems. The content you create should be presented in a variety of formats to make it easy for the audience to access and share. At this point, you can take advantage of the Marketing Influence and its benefits for more information .

Stage Two: Interest

In the second step, you need to create an interest in your brand in the audience. Creating a passion is more than brand awareness and attention, and is one of the important steps in the AIDA model. At this point, you should try to increase the audience of the audience. One of the best ways to increase customer interest and enthusiasm is to convey this message that you intend to meet the need and respond to your problems and do not just seek your own profit.

Customer interest is important to your brand, because if this interest is not created, then the customer does not need to go on to the next steps, and therefore never comes to a decision point or action. The availability of complete information about the outlook, mission statement, and brand generally helps the audience to know exactly what you are doing, how different you are with other competitors, what you add up to, and what goals you pursue. Accessing this information creates more interest in the audience and prepares him to pass this step to the next.

Stage Three: Desire

After creating interest in the audience, the next step you need to focus on is creating a passion and interest in the audience, in a way that feels the time has come to buy your products and services and take advantage of it. At the same time, you can take advantage of Promotions to create more passion and interest. It’s only possible that the customer does not really need your product or service; at this point, it’s your art to create demand and demand for it.

Step Four: Action

The fourth is the time when the results of your work show and the customer is buying. One of the simplest ways to persuade a customer to take action is the CTAs. Using the CTA on the home page and the product page can greatly influence the audience’s decision and guide him to the exact place you are expecting. At this stage, the customer needs a flick to purchase. The direct or indirect effect of this flip depends on the knowledge that you have from customers andcustomer care .

In general, the AIDA model has become more known, but many, also referred to as the AIDAS model. S, which is somehow in the final stage, is taken from Satisfaction and represents customer satisfaction. After your purchase, it’s your turn to make the customer experience positive or negative. Keep in mind that your relationship with the customer also continues after purchase; to know how well the customer’s choice has been and how satisfied he has with your product and service experience. Do not forget that your relationship with the customer is a two-way relationship; while you expect it to work, you must also be careful about customer relationship management and customer experience .

The AIDA or AIDAS model plays an important role in the customer’s return or non-return to your brand. You can count on the knowledge and experience of the MAKM to move through all stages of this model and turn potential customers into loyal customers