The best action games in the gaming world

Action and action games are a type of video game that focuses on physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction times. This genre includes a wide range of subtypes, such as fighting games, shooting games, and platform crossover games. There are also some strategy and multiplayer online multiplayer battle games that are currently the most popular and popular action games of all players.

These are the highest-rated and exciting titles that have been released, currently available on many different gaming devices. If you own any of these devices, these are games you can’t miss for any reason:


In Doom, you’ll enter a world full of demons, explosions, and hell. You will see glaring faces with bloodthirsty eyes and unwavering stare. You will find yourself immersed in horrors around every turn. But don’t worry, the game provides you with an impressive array of weapons to get you ready for any challenge. You were born to kill demons, and you will do whatever it takes. Enemy jaws will take off their hinges and set fire to your enemies’ oversized meat between angry shooting spells. If you play any of the Doom games, you will discover that the story is kind of not important. All you get is a high burst of adrenaline, but that’s what is required from action games, no more and no less.

Doom is available on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.


Overwatch is a crossroads where fun strategic gameplay meets intelligent design to create a rare spark of magic.

Overwatch does many good things to set it apart from other online action games. Although it has many options, maps, and shapes, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying fun and exciting battles with friends. But above all, the success of this game is based on the presentation of many excellent characters. It’s hard to find one character that controls all matches as in most games. Each character has many abilities, distinctive weapons, and beautiful and unique shapes, which make the gameplay always fun and renewed.

Did you mention that Overwatch won the Best Games of the Year award in 2016? This is, in my opinion, a reason enough to get your copy now.

Overwatch is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Devil May Cry

The story of the game focuses on the character of Dante, a young half-angel and half-devil. With his partner and twin brother Virgil, he seeks to defeat King Mundus, who killed their mother and denied their father. Players can use Dante’s famous Rebellion sword, Ebony and Ivory pistols, as well as a variety of firearms to defeat enemies. The game also offers Angel mode and Demon mode, powerful systems that give more fighting movements to Dante and Virgil.

This may be another high-quality version of an old game, but Devil May Cry does more than remove dust and polish an old title to release it again. This new version was created based on fan feedback, from increasing speed and increasing difficulty in moving items within levels to keep players on constant alert. There is always a reason to return to this game again, and you will never get tired of replaying it at all.

Devil May Cry is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

Nier: Automata

Nier showed the brilliance of Platinum Games in the fighting games industry. You can fight robotic monsters of different sizes and shapes with tactical quirks that are very similar to ballet dances, but with swords and robots firing lasers that have made the fighting animated paintings. Moreover, this multi-end journey is interspersed with many surprises and secrets.

The five big endings and different journeys don’t make you get the full picture until you make all the trips and see the game from the perspective of all characters. When you travel through these different routes, you not only learn about new events but also give new perspectives on the moments you have already encountered. It is an often delightful and often sad epic journey, offering a unique blend of genius and artistic design.

The game is available for PS4 and Microsoft Windows.


You will see creatures you never expected to see in your entire life. Wonderful atrocities attack you with horrific horror and brutality. Even if you are brave enough to overcome your fear, Bloodborne is not so tolerant. This game puts you on the verge of inevitable death at every moment of your game. This is not a rhetorical sentence. This is a fact. You can die at any moment without exception, in places you would never expect.

This game is almost the only game you can buy for a PS4, and you won’t need to buy other games anymore. Despite the release of the game in 2016, I still play it so far, and it is still scary and fun as I played it for the first time.

Bloodborne is available on PS4 only.

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 is a game that will make you want to do everything in it. It is a unique game that lets you control gravity as you want. You can fly up, forward or backward, you are the master of laws in this fun world. The story is exciting in the style of American comics, but it is somewhat related to the first part a bit, but this will not prevent you from enjoying it like any other game. Explore the world of real fun, and interesting fighting encourages thinking and movement.

Gravity Rush 2 is available on PS4 only.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Naughty Dog has created a great game that can stand alone on the throne of the best PlayStation 4 games. Uncharted was previously referred to as the clone of Tomb Raider but ended up being the killer of the Tomb Raider series. Great story and writing, beautiful pictures, very smooth and well-made shooting mechanics, long and rich Single Player system with over 22 chapters in the game.

A Thief End is the best Uncharted game to date, a fact I never wanted this game to end.

Uncharted 4 is available on PS4 only.

Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 may not be an artistic phenomenon like the first part of the series, but it is still a masterpiece that is hard to forget. This game was able to accommodate everything great from Demon Souls, Dark Souls 1, Dark Souls 2, and Bloodborne, and there’s nothing wrong with that because it represents the essence of creativity for Hidetaka Miyazaki.

A deep story, distinctive characters, legendary enemies, a general atmosphere and supernatural graphics, I’m very sad that this game marks the end of one of the greatest gaming chains in history. But Code Vein may come in the future to make up for this shortfall.

Dark Souls 3 is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is close to being a flawless game. The game boasts tremendous production values ​​in its great artistic direction, great sound performances, and music with a calm and sensual atmosphere. More importantly, it provides a first-class story and continues to plunge the player into a world of legendary proportions + giant motorized dinosaurs that make you wish you had four hands so you could defeat only one of them.

I still remember my hard days with the Rockbreaker, the broken monster that made me use all my weapons and equipment so that I could only defeat one of them. This game will end it and you are completely satisfied with your experience, and that the game can not contain anything better to offer. A complete game by all standards.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available for PS4 only.

God of War

Only the best game you will play in your life. I won’t say more because the game doesn’t need much talk. But if you want to know more about it, I did a comprehensive review of the game on our site. After reading it you will wish it were in your hands now and will tell about it for years to come as the best electronic experience you have ever seen.

God Of War is available for PS4 only.

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