The best blockchain startups you should check out

Blockchain has been one of the most popular technologies in a few years and has achieved a significant share in improving and facilitating the lives of individuals and companies through its various applications, and is still to this day and will remain one of the main pillars in the process of technological development. That is why many startups are developing and benefiting from this technology, because of its brilliant future, these companies may achieve their success.

Let’s go for a short tour of the most prominent emerging companies in the blockchain world.

The best startups in the blockchain world

Equiti Games

The 2018 Founder World Competition is the largest community event and event dedicated to blockchain developers and startups in the world, hosted by the largest technology communities such as the F50, Silicon valley, Blockchain Founder Club and others.

Of the more than 2,000 participants among developers, investors, and startups, the top 20 were announced, and those who reached the final stage of the competition were announced and the top three winners were announced on September 11 last year.

Equiti Games ranked first among all competitors, a company that is creating the world’s first open digital gaming store to recover billions of dollars from markets that have lost the transition from physical to digital games.

Equiti Games takes advantage of blockchain technology and smart contracts to create a revolutionary new way of buying and selling media games and reselling them for worldwide dissemination, to restore and guarantee the rights of the owners and makers of these games and media as well as consumers.

Equiti Games is designed as an open marketplace for reselling and distributing digital games around the world, to serve developers, marketers and users alike, through a blockchain license network that enables developers to shape their marketing and sales strategies, based on the value of reselling their products. In this open market.

SEAL Chain

The second place was for Seal Chain, a public financial chain dealing with asset transfers, primarily dedicated to achieving the highest level of security in these transfers, to build a fully automated financing system based on blockchain and AI technology.

Initial applications are launched in China and Southeast Asia, and the company has a stable and stable coin to facilitate all transactions in the SEAL ecosystem.


Yesbit took third place in this competition, a decentralized derivative trading platform, with a decentralized data field that allows users to trade in foreign markets, commodities, stocks, and financial indicators worldwide.

Yesbit uses a data-proofing structure to bring its data field to the network. It is also used to process smart derivative contracts on the network, ensuring that blocks are extracted efficiently and safely.


Founded in June 2018, Singapore-based, a digital asset trading exchange targeting the global market, has reached 1.1 million registered users in less than a year, 100,000 of whom are active daily, a testament to its rapid growth and success, which puts it among the most important companies Emerging in the world of blockchain deservedly.

Advanced Blockchain AG

Launched from Berlin by one of the pioneers of the world of encryption, the German Robert Kovnr Robert Küfner, a co-founder of .

Creating a blockchain solution for companies, they are building a DLT or Distributed ledger technology – a digital system for recording asset transfers where transfers and details are carried out at different locations at the same time – for one of the world’s largest automakers. At the Silicon Valley branch of the German Accelerator, which enables high-potential German companies to successfully enter the US market.


Built by leading scientists and coders, YottaChain is a public blockchain that uses a unique economic and hierarchical governance model and uses special technology to make global computing and storage resources available.

In other words, it allows ordinary people around the world to take advantage of the power and power of supercomputers and large storage spaces previously reserved only for businesses.

This is done by connecting decentralized global storage resources and preventing duplication after encryption.


Created by David Margendorff with a strong team of experts in Barcelona, ​​HeroToken has begun to open up better prospects for billions of users’ money whether they are bankers or not, using blockchain to build a transparent loan market between lenders and borrowers around the world. Right of the parties.


A team of former engineers at Google, IBM and Huawei introduced Bitconch, which uses the POR Proof of Reputation algorithm to enable its Beta network to reach 100,000 transfers per second, which is said to be the highest and most powerful blockchain performance in the world.

Bitconch has created an intelligent 3D reputation system, combined with Proof Of Work POW, Proof Of Stake POS and Proof Of Activity POA systems, contributing to a decentralized open node. The company has partnered with Cryotic Labs to increase their efforts and improve their productivity.