The best English learning apps for Android phones

Proficiency in English speaking and writing skills is essential for success in your career, so many people seek to learn English effectively and some have problems learning new words or remembering words they have just learned. If you are unable to enroll in a course or find no time for it, you can start with our English learning apps.

Most language learning tools are available on the web and mobile, which students can use anytime, anywhere.


Duolingo is the most popular English language learning app and is highly recommended especially for beginners in English. The Play Learning System in this app helps you learn the language quickly by spending twenty minutes a day.

The lessons are adapted to the learning style of the users. The exercises are designed to help them learn and review vocabulary effectively.

Many teachers around the world see Dolingo as the perfect learning companion for their classrooms. Dolingo provides each student with notes urging them to practice and prepares their students to make the most of the classroom.

It is worth mentioning that 200 million people around the world use Dolingo to help them learn languages.


Busuu is one of the best English learning apps available today and is very suitable for beginners as it was designed by linguists, it combines interactive and AI-powered teaching to help you learn the language faster.

The Busuu app provides courses in 12 languages ​​to over 90 million learners worldwide, and learners through this community can connect with native speakers and get instant feedback on speaking and writing exercises.

Application lessons cover reading, writing, speaking and spelling skills covered by any language course, especially for beginners. Random lessons are not interrelated in grammar, vocabulary, etc.

Busuu enables you to provide feedback to your colleagues who are learning English on the principle of peer assessment or to obtain feedback from more advanced English learners. 22 hours of Busuu are equivalent to a full semester of language learning.


FluentU has emerged as the best English learning app for its unique curriculum where it broadcasts realistic videos such as music videos, inspiring news, and conversations and transforms them into educational models.

Unlike traditional apps, FlowU uses a study style that helps you learn the language and its culture over time by learning it as spoken by its native speakers in real life and contains a variety of videos related to famous talk shows and funny commercials.

It is easy to watch videos with an interactive explanation. You can click on any word to see a picture, definition and useful examples, so you have learned all the vocabulary in any video, and provides you with more examples of the word you are learning. The app tracks the vocabulary you learn and recommends examples and videos related to words you’ve already learned.

You can start using the FLONTU website on your website from your computer or tablet and, better yet, download the app from the Google play store. The app is highly recommended for people who are learning audio-visual and want to learn English with fun content.


The Babylon app focuses on teaching you real-life English and conversation as it is designed to be easy to use every day, as the courses are divided into 15-minute lessons. The app allows you to learn and practice with realistic conversations because Babylon will listen to your voice, help you pronounce your English and remind you to review your important lessons before you forget them.

One of the coolest things you’ll find in Babylon is that it helps you find lessons on topics that interest you personally, and practice English in all kinds of topics that matter to your life, from work to travel and others, making learning English more fun and stimulating.

If you want to learn the language naturally instead of memorizing a set of rules, this will be one of the best English learning apps.

Hello English

Hello English is recommended for anyone looking to improve their English because it covers all aspects of language learning, including vocabulary, translation, grammar, spelling, conversation, and reading skills. You are required to be able to understand the basic structure of the English language and letters.

When you start the app you will choose your native language as a learning language, and the app contains 22 supported languages. You will then test 20 questions to assess your current level of language, and depending on the results, the appropriate lessons are displayed.

Hello English uses interactive games for teaching and you will win coins to unlock and follow lessons. The app also offers audiobooks for exercise and also provides the latest news to improve your English. Hello English is free and ad-supported but there is also a premium version for removing ads and opening special-purpose courses.


If you want to practice your conversational skills in the real world, you can try Lingbe. It is based on a community education system where people help each other and share their mother tongue. It provides you with real native speakers of the language you want to learn.

A language exchange system is in place. If you want minutes of conversation to learn a foreign language, you must first talk to someone in your native language and help them learn it. You will be the teacher and the learner at the same time, and in general, it is a fun way to make friends and learn about new cultures and languages.

Although many apps connect you to native speakers like Lingbe, it is recommended because it has a simple and user-friendly interface. You just need to select your native language and the language you want to learn and then choose your interests. This information will not be visible to other users but to get you to the right learner. The main interface consists only of a button to start the call and a button to confirm that you are available or not available to receive calls.

Tell us in the comments which English learning apps you have used before, and if you don’t, use one of the apps we mentioned and tell us about your experience later.