The best manga sites to read magazines online and free

Japanese manga magazines are the source of most of the anime movies you’ve followed at some point in your life! But if you are curious to read the stories of these magazines in the paper, you must understand the Japanese language, and if you are not fluent in this language you will find it difficult to understand the stories of these magazines and begin to search for the translation of stories on multiple manga sites.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to distinguish between the official English translation and fan-made translations, especially since Japanese is a very different oriental language and its concepts can be easily confused by foreigners, so you’ll need to know the best sites to read manga online and for free.

For a long time, manga stories were not officially translated into English, which led to the process of scanning stories, scanning speech in the speech bubble, translating it inside and then reprinting it, or publishing it online, but things have changed since then. You only need to rely on these official and fully legal applications to enter manga sites and navigate this famous Japanese art.

Crunchyroll website

Platforms: android – ios – web

Manga magazines and anime series often go hand in hand. Movies and various animated stories directly from your Android or iPhone.

More than 25000 episodes are belonging to hundreds of anime series, all of which can be watched on the screen of your mobile phone very comfortable and you will get a lot of manga titles as well. Among the series that you can enjoy with Crunchyroll are titles like Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, Gargantia, Sword Art Online, Bleach, Shugo Chara, Blue Exorcist, Gintama, Fate / Zero and Hunter X Hunter and you can get them either in chains Anime or manga stories.

Although the app is free, you can buy an excellent service from the app which has some special extras like removing ads and watching HD movies. The range available for free is relatively limited compared to a full subscription. The Crunchyroll app is very comfortable and gives you all the stories and movies quickly after its release in Japan.

Comixologe site

Platforms: android – ios – Windows – macOS

Comixologe is one of the best apps for reading manga stories on any platform and subscribing to comixologe unlimited gives you a large collection of comics a fixed drawing and much like the Crunchyroll application mentioned above, Comixologe is a comprehensive store for all your manga needs.

Shonen Jump

Platforms: web – android – ios

Shonen Jump is the official and reliable source for reading the world’s most famous comics and comics on the day it is released in Japan directly.

This application offers you to read the manga for free, and the distinctive in this application that it has a download mode manga for the current reading without taking up space from the storage memory, as well as enables you to preview the story before you buy it, and you can subscribe to the distinctive service of this application that enables you to access Bigger than manga stories, create a special album of your favorite stories and a lot of special services.

ComicWalker site

Platforms: Web

Kadokawa is one of the largest manga publishers in Japan and ComicWalker has most of its popular titles. You can use this app without a subscription, which is helped by the company’s support and launch of its online stories. Although the recording adds you some great features like creating your library that you can add your favorite manga stories and get notifications when you post something new.

This is the right app to read manga online without any manipulation and from your browser easily, but the main drawback is probably the absence of applications dedicated to phones and the inability to read without the Internet.

With these reliable, legal and free apps, you will be able to read manga and even watch anime movies from their source and with reliable subtitles without any manipulation by any company or person, and you can now enjoy the manga for sure. Some excellent online tutorials will teach you how to design anime and manga animations, and will provide you with the way to launch your creativity, and who knows maybe one day your stories may be part of these sites.