The best online podcast players you can use in any browser

Podcasts have become an essential way for many to receive information, and although most people today listen to podcasts on their mobile phones, there are times when you want to listen to your favorite episodes on your desktop or laptop, for example, when your phone In shipping. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best podcasts that can work from anywhere and are compatible with any Internet browser with support for the synchronization of many of these options also easily with phone applications or websites.

The best podcasts online

Player FM

Is the most popular podcast app for mobile phones, and its web platform is one of the most powerful options for many. You can use the same account on both the Phone app and the web platform. This allows you to sync your subscriptions, play episodes, and stream them later instantly.

The website allows you to manage playlists and categories. You can also export your entire library to OPML and import podcasts from RSS or iTunes.

Player FM also has a handy discovery system that sorts podcasts into multiple categories and subcategories. When you subscribe to a podcast, it is automatically sorted by subject. Next, Player FM recommends podcasts based on what you’re listening to.

For a fee, you can also sign up for an upgraded account that allows you to synchronize your uptime across platforms. So if you’re using the web player, you can keep listening from where you left off your phone right away. It also allows you to bookmark certain parts of the loop. All the features listed make Player FM one of the best podcasts ever.


Spotify has recently expanded its support for podcasts. If you prefer to keep your media in one place, its platform is a reasonable alternative to any traditional podcast app. Spotify has a large library of audio material, along with RSS feed import support and you can sync playlists, subscriptions, and playlists across all of its apps. Their platforms include browsers, desktops, and mobile devices.

The podcast options in their web app are similar to those in their mobile apps. You can subscribe and unsubscribe to podcasts, customize playback speed and save your favorite episodes. Spotify has recently acquired some podcast companies, so you may start watching Spotify’s exclusive offers soon.


If you’re listening to a lot of audio, it’s likely you’ve heard or already read about the Stitcher app online, as its web app syncs seamlessly with its iOS and Android counterparts and smart speakers. You can view your library, subscriptions and saved episodes, and also supports resuming episodes from where you left off.

In addition to being a major podcast player, Stitcher produces its content. This includes some popular programs, and the application excels in the formatting of content and suggestions provided by the user, where they compile playlists for episodes of different programs centered on specific topics. They also have an AutoPlay mode that automatically describes offers similar to the one you’re listening to.


The online podcast player focuses on building communities and audiences. It has many features that most apps don’t have. For example, users can create lists of shows and episodes based on any criteria they agree on, such as games and various sporting events. You can also sort podcasts in a variety of categories from broad topics like storytelling to narrower topics like smartphones.

Podchaser supports the classification and review of both episodes and individual episodes. It also has a powerful search engine that allows you to search for creators, shows, and episodes. You can also filter by loop frequency, label, and theme.

If you are the creator, you can set up a profile on the site where you can add and address all podcasts, you host. You can also add descriptions as well as links to your social media accounts. Users can browse profiles and share with friends.


CastBox is one of the best podcasts. Whether you use the web app as a standalone player or integrate it with your mobile device, it is a feature-rich option. The first thing that stands out is the clean and easy-to-use Castbox interface.

At the top of the homepage, there are daily suggestions with other audio files sorted by category throughout the page. Make recommendations with your favorite needs and listening habits. You can also read and add comments to individual episodes as well as entire shows.

The app also recommends local podcasts based on your location. In addition to subscribing to full podcasts, you can also add specific episodes to your favorites list, where your subscriptions and favorites are automatically synced with your mobile phone. You can also view a complete history of the podcast episodes you listened to on your profile. If you’re a creator, you can also upload podcasts directly from their website.

Cloud Caster

Unlike most other apps in this list, Cloud Caster relies entirely on cloud storage. This means that whether you open it on your desktop computer, on your mobile device, or your tablet, it runs completely inside the browser thanks to HTML5.

Cloud Caster is completely free to use and has a set of features that can compete with paid apps, so if you sign in to your account, the runtime is always saved. So you can listen from where you left off in an episode of audio or video podcast.

It is one of the few free podcasts that support this platform sync. Cloud Caster lets you customize your playback speed and has a built-in sleep timer. If you want to listen to podcasts offline, you can save any episode in MP3 format and play it from your favorite audio player.C Cloud Caster also allows you to import and export OPML databases.

If you love listening to podcasts, any best podcast apps from your point of view, and why? Tell us what you think of the comments.