The best sites / apps to watch movies and series

Game of Thrones, Chernobyl and many other series that are being watched by the public, but unfortunately if you do not have a paid account on the platforms you will not be able to follow any movies and series legally, which goes beyond some by resorting to some illegal methods such as theft and piracy of these Contents, but all of the above is against the law, and in some countries this may expose you to heavy fines believe me indispensable.

But does it make sense to be too expensive to enjoy watching these movies and series? In fact, the main objective of filmmaking is to make money in the first place, and therefore the process of buying watch rights is natural and logical, but nonetheless there are some legitimate ways to allow free viewing of shows to budget owners, especially under easy access to the Internet for all users, and that’s what we’ll review in our article.

Top sites that offer to watch movies and series


The leading platform in the world of broadcasting and entertainment, is one of the platforms that can not compete easily, as it was one of the first races at the beginning of the use of the Internet to view the visual content, with its huge library of thousands of shows: movies, series, and entertainment, as Netflix gives you many options to suit all tastes and ages.


Hulu is famous for its television services but has begun to develop its field and start broadcasting services for films and series, although it lacks some relatively old films and series it is still under development and you can enjoy it for free in the trial period of a week.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a strong competitor to Netflix, as it aspires to get the lead in this area, which has already begun to control it in terms of pre-demand broadcast services, with a focus on all categories even specialist and secure content that interests them from the series and movies and not focus only on the public Year.

To follow Amazon Prime for free you can also benefit from the 30-day trial period, and after the end of the period you can sign up for about $ 10.


All of the platforms mentioned above are only free of charge during the trial period, but for the Crackle platform it is completely different, as it provides the service of broadcasting completely free around the clock, with a wide variety of films and series but maybe less quality than its predecessors, in addition to the presence of ads that do not Inevitable every 20 minutes so that the site can make a profit from its services, and given the full half of the cup, this ad gives you time to fill the glass of juice or go to the bathroom.


Of course, we do not talk about channels that show stolen films or series and published without the rights of their producers, but we mean the service of YouTube in the presentation of films through its partnership with some of the production studios of films in exchange for advertising during the show.

The production of these films extends from the eighties until the beginning of 2010 and therefore may find some old, especially if it is a seasoned follower of films and series, but the great diversity will include many fun and entertaining options, it is worth mentioning that these offers are not presented on the official platform of YouTube, but offers YouTube TV.

Free Movies Cinema

This site has a wide library of interesting visual content, and you do not need membership or upload requests for any file, you can simply choose what you want to watch, but you may not find all the shows and popular Hollywood movies, as most of the content is limited to independent production companies or budget Low.

Tubi TV

This platform has a special application to broadcast a wide variety of different movies, series, and entertainment shows, Toby features structured content and archived in different categories and search options with good efficiency, in addition to the elegant form of the application.

Popcorn Flix

PopcornFlkx offers similar services to the Netflix platform for streaming movies and series but for free. It also contains many different movies which are divided into sections within the application based on several categories to choose from, but the application may not be available in all countries so You may have to use a VPN if the application does not support the area you are in.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that it is difficult to permanently find free offers or movies legitimately, because the main objective of making these shows is material profit and therefore some can only be found illegally or get pirated, and this is what we advise to stay away from it Kamel because of its moral and material consequences are never benign, and we wish you a pleasant and safe viewing with the company you love.