The best TVs you can buy for 2019

The development of display technologies has significantly reduced the difference between standard monitors and TVs, as well as the scarcity of long-term local antenna signal capture channels that have characterized TV screens in the past. There is no fundamental difference between the two, it is possible to use modern TV screens to connect with the computer or connect the normal screen with an external broadcast device such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV without any problems.

The most distinctive feature of TV screens is their focus on accuracy, a saturation of colors and high lighting at the expense of other things such as response speed and refresh rate, for example, as the use here is directed to those who want to watch satellite channels or Internet broadcasting services such as Netflix and Hulu. But even choosing the right TV can be confusing for many people, due to the variety of display technologies that come with the modern types of them, so we will talk in this article about the best TV screens that you can buy for 2019.

Samsung Q9FN QLED

It is not possible to talk about the screens without mentioning Samsung, the industry leader. This TV features a sleek design, slim bezels and a Quantum dot LCD that produces clearer colors than ordinary LCDs. This 4K TV comes with a 65-inch or 75-inch screen and 120 Hz frequency that is more than enough to watch any kind of video content that is currently available and can be connected to the computer as this frequency is enough to run most modern games with the high frame rate.

While most OLED displays are still expensive, this Samsung TV is a good alternative, thanks to Quantum dot technology and full-screen backlighting, giving it the ability to display colors with high brightness and contrast close to those provided by OLED.

The Q9FN comes with a separate box that includes four HDMI ports, three USB ports, RF port and Ethernet port with support for connecting to Wi-Fi wireless networks of course, as the screen here comes separate from the rest of the equipment, which reduces the contention of cables that you may want to connect to it, in addition to the ease of suspension The screen is on the wall where you only need to connect one cable.

This TV supports the display of most popular HDR technologies except Dolby Vision, as well as comes with the Bixby voice assistant that is hated by most users, which is far behind other audio aids such as Google Assistant and Alexa. Samsung Q9FN QLED is not cheap as it may cost more than $ 3000 in some stores.

LG 65SK9500 Super UHD

LG 65SK9500 has the best voice assistant you can find on any TV. It combines Google Assistant with ThinQ AI technology for search and voice commands developed by LG, making it one of the few TVs that support Google Voice Assistant without being Android TV.

LG 65SK9500 comes with a 65-inch LCD and 4K resolution with LG Nano Cell technology that improves color accuracy and contrast similar to Quantum dot, as well as support for most modern HDR technologies such as Dolby Vision, HLG and others. The screen also comes with a frequency of 120 Hz making it suitable for viewing visual content and playing most modern computer games.

The background of this TV includes a large number of ports, including four HDMI ports and three USB ports and a digital audio port (Digital Optical Audio) to output audio signals in the form of light pulses, in addition to Ethernet port and support for connectivity to external Wi-Fi networks. This TV is not a tip if you are not planning to play games in the future, because the high screen frequency is one of the reasons for its high price, which can reach up to $ 2500.

Sony Master Series A9F OLED

This TV comes with an OLED screen which gives it a superior advantage over any other type of LCD screen. It features a screen with high contrast and lighting in addition to the ability to display HDR content in high quality. The screen comes in 4K resolution of 65 inches or 55 inches which makes it ideal for watching any A type of visual content with the highest resolution and clarity possible.

Unlike most OLEDs that usually come at low frequencies, this TV has a 120 Hz screen, which is enough to run a lot of modern computer games if you want, and you can play with other gaming players like PlayStation and Xbox as they can’t play games on average. High frames. The A9F also has a distinctive sound system, which outputs sound by shaking the inner glass layer of the same screen.

Many TV screens come with a dedicated operating system these days, but these systems always have some compatibility issues with other apps and devices. Fortunately, Sony decided to use the Android TV system for TVs, allowing more room to connect with other devices and install applications Add-on.

There is nothing wrong with this TV except its high price, as it may exceed $ 2800 for the 55-inch version and $ 3800 for the 65-inch version in some stores and regions.

LG OLED C9 2019

LG is one of Samsung’s biggest competitors in the manufacture of OLED screens around the world, and, naturally, the company uses the best products in their TVs, LG OLED C9 is one of the best options for those looking for 4K OLED display with excellent quality and fairly acceptable price. High brightness and contrast, as well as dark black, thanks to OLED technology that doesn’t require any backlight to power the screen.

Like other LG TVs, the LG OLED C9 comes with support for the Google Assistant and Google’s ThinQ AI technology, giving it many advantages in terms of voice commands and search within the device. This TV comes with the most popular ports such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet and many more. These ports are located on the back and side of the TV, reducing the possibility of cable contention if you want to connect a lot of devices to it.

The LG OLED C9 is priced at around $ 3000 for the 65-inch version and $ 7,000 for the 77-inch version. A 55-inch version may cost around $ 2000 in some stores.

Vizio M-Series Quantum

This Vizio TV is one of the best options for those looking for a large 4K screen at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of the display. It comes with an LCD screen and Quantum dot technology, which is low in TVs in this price category. With Vizio M-Series, you can stream content from your other devices via Chromecast because it supports it without the need to purchase an additional streaming device, as well as support for Apple AirPlay2 content streaming, making it suitable for Apple users as well.

This TV has four HDMI ports, one USB port, Ethernet port and RCA ports for connecting external speakers and Wi-Fi connectivity. It doesn’t come with an external box, which means that all of these ports are built into the TV itself, although some may prefer, However, this design can cause a lot of cable contention problems if you connect a lot of devices.

This TV supports most modern HDR technologies, including Dolby Vision, but because the screen comes at only 60 Hz, it is only suitable for watching movies, series and other types of content, as this frequency is not enough if you plan to connect the TV to your computer and play games with a high frame rate on it. The 65-inch version costs around $ 900 and other dimensions such as 55 and 43-inch are available at prices as low as $ 530.

TCL 5-Series Roku

If you are looking for high-definition and low-priced TVs, you should go away from popular brands with high prices. This TV from TCL is one of your best options if your budget is only $ 400 and you want a 4K display and acceptable viewing quality.

This TV comes with support for most modern HDR technologies including Dolby Vision, as well as support for Dolby Atmos audio processing. The screen comes at 60Hz which means it is never suitable for playing modern computer games, but it is more than enough to watch visual content that does not come at a higher frame rate.

TCL 5-Series Roku has 3 HDMI ports, 1 USB port, and Ethernet with Wi-Fi support as well. Some versions come with different screen sizes but the price may rise to $ 900 for the 65-inch version in some stores and regions, but you can get the 43-inch version at prices up to $ 250.

Vizio 65-Inch P65-F1

This Vizio TV has a lot of ports to connect most of the old and new streaming devices, which are rarely found on televisions, most of which rely on HDMI to transmit video signals.

The Vizio P65-F1 has five HDMI ports, one USB port, legacy Component Video and Composite Video ports with support for Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity. Also, the TV has an RF port that enables you to connect Coaxial Coaxial Old reception of local and international channels. As for the audio ports, this TV comes with an analog audio output and a digital audio output SPDIF.

The screen comes with 4K resolution and 65-inch LCD type but without Quantum dot technology, but nevertheless it is characterized by high quality in terms of lighting, contrast and color saturation in addition to support most modern HDR technologies, headed by Dolby Vision, and the screen of this TV surpasses the Vizio M658-G1 Quantum We talked about it coming in at 120 Hz, which could be suitable for playing a lot of games with a high frame rate.

Unfortunately, the Vizio P65-F1 does not come with an audio assistant, as it runs on SmartCast, which also suffers from a lack of applications on it. The 65-inch version costs around $ 1000 and two other 55-inch and 75-inch versions are available for $ 700 and $ 1800 respectively.

Samsung Q900R QLED 2018

The Q900R is one of the few TVs to come with an 8K display, the highest resolution commercially available. The screen comes in large sizes up to 85 inches and is of the type LCD but high-quality display thanks to Quantum dot technology, also, to support for many modern HDR technologies such as HLG and HDR10 +.

The 8K resolution is still relatively new, as the content of all kinds of video games, movies and series is not available in this high resolution, and most professional cameras can not shoot so accurately and smartphones also have not exceeded the limit of filming in 4K so far, so there is no reason to buy this type of TV only if you have a lot of money and want to acquire the latest technologies in the market.

With 8K TVs still low in popularity, the price of the Q900R starts from around $ 3500 for the 65-inch version to $ 12500 for the 85-inch version.

Sony X690E 70-Inch

This Sony TV comes with a beautiful design and slim bezels for the LCD, as many of the televisions that come with a 70-inch LCD are usually larger and heavier with thicker bezels. This display supports HDR content with HDR10 and HLG technology only and comes with a frequency of 60 Hz which means it is not suitable for playing modern computer games with the high frame rate.

The TV has the most popular ports such as HDMI, USB, Ethernet, RF, Composite Video, Component Video, Digital Optical Audio output and support for Wi-Fi, of course.

The X690E comes with the Opera TV system, which suffers from the lack of applications and features it supports compared to Android TV, in addition to the fact that its speakers that come with a capacity of 10 watts in which the sound may become bad when raised to the highest level. However, with a price of only $ 1000 for the 70-inch version, it is natural to lose some of the other features in exchange for a large screen at this price.

sunBriteTV Veranda Series 2019

Most televisions are designed to work indoors and indoor, but some types are designed for outdoor work such as a balcony or outdoor courtyard. The SunBriteTV Veranda TV series is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions such as high temperature, dust, rain, and even mosquitoes.

This TV has a large screw-mounted lid that protects the large number of connectors that come with it, including HDMI, USB, Ethernet, VGA, RF, SPDIF and more. Unfortunately, this TV does not have a smart operating system, which means that you will have to connect it to an external streaming device to be able to watch content on it and cannot connect to the Internet directly.

The Veranda Series comes with a 4K LCD screen with support for HDR10 and 60 Hz technology. The company offers different screen sizes ranging from 43 inches to 75 inches. These types of TVs never come at a low price, as the 43-inch version of this TV costs about $ 1500 while the 75-inch version costs about $ 5000.

Insignia 43-Inch Fire TV Edition

This TV comes with the Amazon Fire TV operating system and Alexa audio assistant without the need for additional devices to achieve this, you can easily activate the Alexa assistant via the microphone on the remote control. Like most televisions that come with this system, its low price makes it a good choice for those looking for a 4K display with acceptable display quality, but you have to live with the annoying ads that may sometimes appear.

Insignia 43-Inch Fire TV has three HDMI ports, a USB port, Composite Video, RF, Ethernet, and Digital Optical Audio, as well as support for Wi-Fi networks of course. This TV is not available in all regions and countries, but if it is available in your region it can be priced between $ 150 and $ 250 only.

Vizio D24f-F1

Although there is a lot of 4K content available these days, many people do not have access to that content or they do not want to pay money to benefit from it. In such cases, buying a TV with less accuracy is the best option if you want to buy a TV at a low price. The Vizio D24f-F1 comes with a 24-inch 1080p LCD that may be enough here for this screen size.

It comes with a 60Hz screen and does not support any type of HDR technology, as well as the lack of ports it comes with two HDMI ports and one USB port in addition to Ethernet and supports Wi-Fi wireless networks as well. You can stream content from your other devices via Chromecast without having to purchase a separate device. You can buy Vizio D24f-F1 for a price of up to $ 140 in some stores.

Samsung 32-inch M5300

This Samsung TV comes in an acceptable size and weight that makes it suitable for anywhere in the home as it does not exceed four kilograms. The 32-inch, 60Hz, 1080p display comes with no HDR support but is capable of displaying a wide color gamut unlike many TVs in the same price category.

The Samsung M5300 has two HDMI ports, a Composite Video port, a USB port, an Ethernet port and support for wireless Wi-Fi networks, as well as a Digital Optical Audio port and an RF port if you want to connect the old coaxial cable to transmit local and satellite channel signals. You can get this TV for $ 250 in some stores in addition to the availability of other measurements up to 50 inches at a price of up to $ 500.

It is worth noting here that prices may vary depending on the warranty type, region, store, seller and accessories that may come with the TV such as base or speakers, for example, so you may find price differences up to $ 1000 sometimes.

Are you considering buying a TV soon? Did this list help you know what to choose? Share your opinion in the comments.