The best way to lower Alexa’s website rank in 2019

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How can I increase my website’s Alexa Rank? Are there any tricks or tips for this job? Having full information about the concepts of SEO and writing content is one of the key points in increasing website traffic.

Before discussing the Alexa Website Promotion Techniques, we first review the basics.

What is Alexa and Alexa’s website?

Alexa (created by Amazon and its founder Jeff Bassus) is a company that maintains traffic data for websites, and website ranking information is also ranked as Alexa.

Alexa’s global ranking shows how popular your site is all around the world, and the local Alexa rank shows the popularity of your site in a country where your domain has been registered.

How do you find your Alexa Rank?

You can find out about Alexa’s website rating by visiting You can also get information about Alexa Traffic on Google Chrome with the Alexa information on every page you open.

Is Alexa’s Web Site Important?

The Alexa Rank is a very important tool for marketers because it shows the potential of a site’s advertising . The lower the number it means, the more traffic your site receives.

Generally, lower-numbered domains in Alexa are more valuable than domains with Alexa Rankings.

Having a low Alexa rank can increase the CPC that you get through your ads or even help you get more advertisers to your site.

Therefore, reducing the Alexa Ranking of your site can be beneficial for your business.

What factors affect Alexa’s ranking on your website?

Every day, Alexa evaluates the average daily visitors and pages over the past 3 months. The site with the highest number of visitors and the number of page views in the last 3 months is ranked first. In our experiments, we found that several other factors are also effective in ranking sites:

  • Traffic received from people using the Alexa toolbar
  • Number of pageviews
  • Time spent on site for each visitor
  • Rate and CTR. (Learn how to increase your CTR)
  • The quality and diversity of views
  • The number of links given to the site
  • Share on social networks
  • Site Loading Speed
  • UX and UI site

Does Alexa Ranking Affect SEO Or Traffic?

There is no direct relationship between SEO and Alexa Rank. However, a low Alexa rank may be related to a site that is ranked in the top search engines and has received traffic.

Sites with an Alexa rank of less than 10,000 will probably enjoy a good part of the visitors’ search engine results.

Getting links from reputable and powerful sites increases the power of your site and helps you to better rank your site. This will help you get more traffic, which in turn will improve the Alexa Rank.

How much does a web site need to go to rank below 100,000 Alexa?

Google Analytics and Alexa have provided various statistics. But I have set a certain statistic below: 
100,000 = 100-150 people per day by installing the toolbar of Alexa 
50,000 = 250-300 visitors per day 
20,000 = 400-500 people per day by installing tape Alexa tool 
10,000 = 700-800 visitors per day 
less than 5000 = approximately 1400-1600 visitors per day

Real legal method for improving Alexa Ranking (for free)

Try to write great content and hire a professional job so you can have a good rating on Google. If you want to do your own work, you should consider some of the points that we will discuss here. 
If you want to attract webmasters, you should write content that links SEO, digital marketing, and so on. 
Most importantly, content is shared everywhere (Facebook, Twitter, Raid, etc.). 
Receive links and post as guest user To increase the power of the website domain 
, permanently update old articles (which may have reduced their traffic volume), as well as apply the latest SEO changes.

New tricks to lower Alex’s rank

Here are some easy steps to lower Alex’s rank:

  • Install the Alexa Toolbar on multiple browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  • Install and connect to your favorite vpn
  • For each browser, go to PageReboot, set the time to reload any page on the site for 60 seconds (or more).
  • Wait for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Return to vpn and change your country and region.
  • (If you have enough money) buy one of the Alexa planes and upgrade your page.

If your website has an Alexa rank of less than 100,000, its Alexa Rank should be updated every day. Otherwise, updating your rank may take a week or more.

The websites that rank most Alexa

According to Alexa, the most visited sites are below:

  • Google (Google)
  • YouTube (Youtube)
  • Facebook (facebook)
  • Bio (Baidu)
  • Wikipedia (Wikipedia)
  • Yahoo (Yahoo)
  • Reddit (Reddit)
  • Google india
  • QQ
  • Amazon (Amazon)

The Benefits of Having Alexa Lower

The lesson that you would legitimately raise your site’s Alexa Rank, this will have many advantages for your site, including:

  • Your business will boom. Many writers come to your site and trust people more.
  • Your site will be known as a reference and many links will be received.
  • You can see other interesting metrics on the Alexa page of your site. Cases such as population statistics based on gender, education, and residence.

Conclusion about the Alexa site rating

According to the articles mentioned in this article, you can lower the site using the various techniques and methods of Alexa Rank. By using the right measures, you can not only improve your site’s SEO, but also reduce the site’s Alexa Ranking.

One of the most important ways of decreasing the Alexa Rank of Iran is the production of organic content, which, due to several items, will reduce the rating and increase the number of hits. The production of organic and engaging text along with the appropriate timetable for publication will lead to a decline in Alexa Rank. The use of attractive and quality content in addition to this will also improve the site’s SEO, which will be achieved by observing the content marketing principles.

Now, with the tips and benefits mentioned above, we recommend that you do not overlook Alexa’s site because it’s a valid measure of your Internet income. My suggestion is to use the legal and proper methods to reduce the Alexa Ranking of your site and use the SEO principles Follow the website optimization . Honestly, I would advise you not to use black hat and improper methods to do this. In my opinion, one of the best ways to produce quality content is proper. what is your opinion?