The hidden iOS 13 features you should know

iOS 13 is the newer versions of iOS now, and it seems that the features of the new iOS system are so many, you’ll now find a dark setting, a custom addition to the enhanced features of privacy increased, as has maps Apple a new look and you can use the writing style by dragging on the panel default iOS keyboard. Apple has already talked about some of the more prominent new features, but the most important is the features you only find when using iOS 13 for a while.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been looking at iOS 13 features and we’ve found some of the tools Apple has not revealed.

Here are 11 of the best new hidden features we’ve found so far, from improved battery charging and iMessage SIM support to using your mouse to control your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 13 hidden features

Enhanced battery charging

Routinely charging your iPhone battery and holding it for a long time can damage the battery over time. A new option in iOS 13 helps to extend battery life by teaching you charging habits, and the battery stops charging immediately when it reaches 100%.

If you usually charge your phone overnight while you sleep, the enhanced battery charging mode will keep your battery charged at 80% for most hours of the night, and finish the remaining 20% ​​before your alarm rings. 

To use the new feature, go to Settings> Battery settings> and activate battery health.

iMessage search now works

Searching previous messages in the iMessage app was a bit difficult, and often doesn’t work. When you update the current system now you can search for a word or even a single phrase and will show you the results immediately. 

It’s a useful feature of IOS 13, and to try it out, open the Messages app and swipe down to reveal the search field and type what you want to find.

Search on the iPhone using your voice

Anywhere you find the search bar in Apple apps, you’ll notice a microphone on the far right. In its new system, Apple has added voice search by clicking the microphone icon and starting the search instead of having to type it. This feature is available in apps like Settings, Mail, Messages and other apps where you will discover voice search when you try it.

New volume indicator

Another feature of IOS 13 is one that has long been awaited by users as they have repeatedly asked Apple to change it, a volume indicator, a small window that appears on the screen whenever you adjust the volume when watching YouTube or Netflix, for example.

In iOS 13, the indicator is much smaller and slides from the side of the screen, when you adjust the volume, it shrinks to a small line and disappears when you select an appropriate volume.

New site settings

Privacy is important to Apple because it gives the company plenty of opportunities to compete with Google’s Android platform. However, regardless of motivation, iPhone users ultimately win.

Apple has provided the best new privacy features in iOS 13, a new option found in Settings under Privacy> Location Services. The new option requires the app to ask each time it wants to access your location.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the control center

You can change Wi-Fi networks and access the list of available Bluetooth devices directly from the control center, all you have to do is long-press in the middle of the tool to show expanded options and press Touch to see the list of available WiFi networks and the list of Bluetooth devices you have previously connected.

Manage Safari tabs

Do you usually leave Safari tabs open? Of course, you’re not alone, and there’s no reason for many people to leave open tabs because Safari has great search and history features. One of the advantages of IOS 13 is that you have an option in Safari settings to automatically close tabs after one day, week or month as you wish.

Block anonymous callers

Lots of users are exposed to a lot of contacts from strangers, of course, some of them are normal but in some cases, they may be annoying, so a feature has been added in the phone section in the settings application. The feature allows the user to block all unknown callers, stopping spam calls they receive.

Manage your Notes folder

In the Notes application in iOS 13, there are new tools to manage your folders. Click “…” to access options like Add People, move this folder, rename it, and view attachments. You can now add attachments such as documents to events you have scheduled in the Calendar app.

Improved home screen apps

The control options for the Home screen widgets have been renewed and simplified and the available controls may vary by device, but in general, the update makes the options you use most frequently easier to access.

These are the most important features of iOS 13 hidden, if we have forgotten any of the features that not everyone knows, tell us what you know in the comments.