The most engaging and useful apps for children in 2019

Smartphones and their applications are now available to all, and certainly, children of all ages are a segment of the users of these phones. This is a concern for parents in general because most of the applications on these phones may not be content suitable for children and need to monitor and supervise the parents when used, but recently appeared a range of applications and games specifically for children to use on smartphones. These apps and games have safer, more useful content and develop children’s abilities and talents, allowing us to classify them as the best apps for children.

The best apps for children in 2019


The principle of the game is based on the construction of buildings, where this game provides players with a wide range of stones of different shapes and sizes in addition to other tools, through which the player to create the different buildings that he wants or ask him within the game. The game includes many gameplay options, such as an adventure option that includes a set of stages that the player must pass through collecting resources or building buildings, or the option of free play and other options. It also stimulates the mind of children of all ages by allowing them to think, imagine and use tools to complete buildings.


This game ranks under the list of adventure games, and its mode of play is based on exploring maps, resources, building and competing with creatures and other players within the perspective of two-dimensional gameplay. The player starts the game with three tools: a pickaxe, a sword to fight and an ax to cut trees, and then he explores and search for resources in the caves and around the map such as minerals, etc. and then start making other tools and building stores. The player encounters as he explores a host of enemies such as skeletons, etc. By performing a set of missions within the game, the player receives additional resources, prizes, and moves to a higher level.

The game is available on most smartphones running Android or IOS as well as it is available on computers.

Pokémon Go

This game is a paradigm shift in the world of mobile games, where the idea was derived from the famous children’s series Pokemon Pokemon and used the technology of virtual reality to integrate the game with reality. The gameplay is based on finding and collecting Pokemon creatures, depending on the camera in your smartphone. The game displays the location of the Pokemon on the map of the place or city where the player is located, and the player is forced to walk and go to the place on the map and use the phone camera to see the Pokemon in the exact location and try to catch it.

The game is fun and incites children to move and search for and collect Pokémon, and is free to download on IOS and Android phones with some paid features within the game.

YouTube Kids app

Children love watching videos so much that they can sit for long hours watching cartoon programs, and since not everything on the famous YouTube app (YouTube) is suitable for children it is not safe for them, the company has launched a special version of the YouTube application directed to children Mainly. The application contains a large collection of videos such as songs, educational programs, cardboard and others that suit children of all ages, and the site’s supervisors monitor these clips and delete the inappropriate ones.

This app is perfect for kids who love videos and is available free to everyone.

Game Toca Life: Farm

A game for children of mainly young ages, where the child starts the game on a farm where there is a range of places such as a barn containing different animals and a field of agriculture and other places. The child visits these different places in the farm and learn about all that is there and interact with him, for example in the animal barn can feed cows and get milk and clean the barn, and in the field can identify plants and planting and harvesting, and thus this game develops the cognitive abilities of children About the food, animals, and food we eat.

The game is available on Android and IOS phone devices.

Duolingo mobile application

One of the best free apps available on mobile phones to learn languages ​​which is suitable for all ages especially children. The application through its interface and simple language motivate children to learn in a variety of ways and fun and different from traditional teaching methods, where the child is required to speak and repeat words and letters, in addition, to rewrite the words and translated into their mother tongue. In addition, there is a range of voice dialogues that the child has to do.

The stages of language learning within the application are divided into several levels and there is a small test within the application upon completion of each level to move to the next level. The application contains a large collection of languages ​​most important English, French, and Spanish.

Game Artie’s magic pencil

The principle of the game is based on the existence of a free monster that destroys the cities and buildings that stand in his way, and the task of saving the city from destruction lies on the hero of the game called (Arti), where he through his magic pen redraw the destroyed buildings and color them again. The children control the pen and redraw the buildings again, and the destruction of the monster through a range of stages, in addition to coloring and saving cities and drawing butterflies and others. In addition to drawing, these stages include a variety of songs and compositions.

The game teaches children the basic principles of drawing, lines, and colors and expands their imagination and creativity, and is available on most smartphones with both systems.

Game Monument Valley

One of the most beautiful and most complex puzzle games that suit all ages even adults. The game consists of a number of stages and the principle of the game depends on the output of the princess in the labyrinths, be simple at first and then become more difficult gradually as you progress in the stages, where you must move the stones and roads and remove obstacles from the way to deliver the princess to the director. The game features distinctive stone shapes and a three-dimensional perspective that provides different viewing angles. The game helps develop abilities to solve problems and realize the mind.

The game is available on Android and IOS smart devices.