The Perfect Comparison Between ASP.NET and PHP Programming Language

In this article, we examine two other important factors, the first factor in the security debate, the PHP or ASP.NET web programming language security, and, together with each other, the speed and efficiency of each of these programming languages We will review it so be up to the end of the article.

In the second article of this series, we first looked at the technologies used in the programming languages ​​PHP and ASP.NET, and then we examined which programming was easier with which ASP.NET or PHP programming languages ​​and, ultimately, We examined the dependence of the operating system in both programming languages. In this article, we examine two other important factors, the first factor in the security debate, which is the security of the PHP or ASP.NET web programming language, and in Ultimately, we’ll examine the speed and performance of each of these programming languages ​​so stay tuned to the end of the article.

ASP.NET security is more than PHP?

Asking that security is greater in ASP.NET or in PHP is exactly like the question of whether security is greater in Linux or in Windows, you will not ultimately get a decisive answer. The issue of further security depends on the extent of the programmer’s expertise and knowledge. Perhaps you have a FJCruser car and you do not know how to drive it, this car will not be different with the arrow for you, because the knowledge of its use Do not have

But there are some things we talked about a bit earlier. One of the security issues that existed in PHP projects was that PHP files are open source and that if someone has access to your server, they can source your code It’s easy to read, but in Windows, this weakness can not be used because the files are converted to DLL files by the compiler before it runs on code-Behind. PHP has introduced Zend to cover this issue and encode its source code, which is a cryptographic method for PHP code that no longer has this weakness.

Another benefit to PHP as a security advantage is that software that is presented in general terms in the form of projects like GNU is open source and you can view its source code and view its security. Analyze this because of the high use of such applications in the world and the acquisition of security bugs by the PHP code. This is not a valid argument because, as the open source can increase security, it can also release a security bug of a product, a hacker can fully source code for a product and analyze it for security reasons. It attacks the vulnerabilities, but there are also no issues with ASP.NET code.

Of course, I still emphasize that there is no reason for PHP’s further security of ASP.NET and vice versa, and it’s just a programmer’s knowledge that determines the security of an application. For example, free Joomla CMS for free on the Internet is one of the usual hacker’s goals. If you want to get information about the types of attacks that are being made to Web Applications, refer to the article below. Information and Communications Security Association of the same website:

Sometimes we see that PHP programmers claim that because large sites such as Google, Yahoo, etc. use PHP programming, so the security of this programming is greater than ASP.NET. First and foremost, it should be noted that it is a misconception that a large web site in the world uses only a programming language, usually these websites use a variety of programming languages ​​for their work. PHP is definitely part of them, PHP is not used as the main programming language for Google.

Most languages ​​are C and C ++ and Java on these websites, and some of the subset modules may use PHP. Dear customers, note that ASP.NET is introduced with the Microsoft brand and it is natural that even if the best The programming language of the world is also rival companies do not use it to display their work. But in fact, PHP scripting language is much more popular than ASP.NET on the Internet. To prove these two issues, see the following:

ASP.NET is faster and more efficient or PHP?

Before we open this discussion, let’s make a point, note that you can do anything you can do with PHP web programming with ASP.NET programming, and the same is true of the same. . The speed and efficiency of any programming language depends on a variety of factors, including the technology used in the programming language, the type of operating system used, the type of file system used, the magnitude and extent of the program and the project, and the knowledge of the programming point Made

First of all, ASP.NET programmers suggest that because the ASP.NET programming language is a compiler language, and PHP is an interpretive language, the speed of execution of the codes in ASP.NET is more than the speed of running PHP code. This is true and wrong, just as the speed of running compiled programs that are in the form of DLL files is greater than the line-to-line interpreter programs. A PHP script has a faster rate than the script in ASP.NET, but there is some reason to do this.

When you run a PHP script, this code is quickly interpreted and executed, and the output is sent to the user’s browser without interruption, but when talking about the ASP.NET script, this code, in addition to To be run on its own, you need to have several modules, such as modules for reading the settings, controlling Web Formulas, performing authentications, and many other things at the same time, which reduces the speed of it than the PHP interpreter.

This is where PHP programmers are proud to have a faster language, but the truth is different. Undoubtedly, programs with a lower number of lines and small scripts excel with PHP, but at macro levels and large enterprise-level programs that have tens or hundreds of thousands of lines, excellence is undoubtedly superior to compiled languages. Although there are plans to speed up the implementation of PHP code execution, it still remains at macro level with ASP.NET.

The type of operating system is also a very important factor in the speed of software implementation. Undoubtedly, the Windows operating system can not match Linux services in terms of performance and speed. Add this to your work experience account with these operating systems. Windows takes all of the system’s resources at once and the unwanted graphical interface slows the speed of running software and services, but Linux does this as needed, and everything is done through command and command line commands. And there’s no graphical interface. Linux services are much more reliable than Windows services, and you definitely have to deal with this, which needs to be restarted with any change in Windows operating system.

But note that if you run ASP.NET code on a Linux server and on the other hand run PHP code on a Windows server, which is definitely possible, then the operating system can not be a speed and performance criterion. On the other hand, according to a file system research on your hard drive, it can be a factor in executing your code, which is said to be the best file system for the speed of the ext4 Linux file system. Although these criteria are relative, since most of us want to talk about programming itself, not hardware and file system, then the existence of RAID in hard disks can be considered as a criterion. According to research conducted in the implementation of ASP.NET code using MONO in Linux, the speed of its implementation will be higher than PHP.

But all of this is important for programming knowledge that is used in this area, the way of getting queries and coding practices varies based on the knowledge of individuals in this area, no matter how much you have a larger project, it’s natural that you have more knowledge In this regard, I will need a memory, in the area of ​​the database, of course, Oracle has superiority over MSSQL Sever. In one of the projects that a friend in a government organization was supposed to take a query from the Oracle databases, after writing this query and running it in about 30 seconds, responded to the Query and received a response from Oracle.

But the interesting thing was that the Query in MSSQL Server only took 5 seconds. Here is the knowledge of Oracle that our friend did not have this knowledge. The very day the same Oracle imported the same Query professional with a little change in Oracle, and we saw that the response was presented in less than a tenth of a second. It shows the importance of programming and coding knowledge in the speed and efficiency of a program, which is really more important than everything in terms of speed and performance.