The ways Google follows you and how you stop it

Google, just like Facebook, has a lot of personal data on its users, whether we like it or not, although many of us have put this thought in their minds while wandering on the Internet, but we may not be aware of the fact that what is happening behind the scenes and the phrase chirp by a Web developers, Dylan Korn, called for serious thought.

“Do you want to panic? I’ll show you how much private information I know about you on Google and Apple Store without even realizing it. ”

This tweet was incredibly realistic, no wonder, given the details Google knows about every trip you make and every search you have made, as well as recording it for every video you watch on YouTube, it knows your taste in music as well.

But don’t be afraid too much because Google is not interested in publishing this information out, instead, it only keeps it and collects everything you’ve done so that it can learn more about you to better guide you to the ads you might want to see and the services you want.

If the idea of ​​a single company with all this information in one place makes you uncomfortable, don’t worry, you can prevent Google from tracking every step you have, not only that, but you can also delete all previous data that you have collected about you (you can also download a copy of this data on Although we do not recommend it).

How do you see everything Google collects about you?

Since 2016, Google has allowed users to see all this information through My Activity. You’ll see a timeline for every interaction you’ve made through a Google app using your account, whether you’re watching a YouTube video or using Google Maps to request directions to What.

Google saves every search you make

Google uses a lot of the data it collects to help it work faster, which is why when you start typing in Google Search, you seem to know instinctively what you are looking for. Every search you do across Google, Google Now, or even Google Maps. But does not share this information with anyone, so your data is kept and stored for use by its services.

How do you stop it?

To stop Google logging for each search go to My Activity and click on the Activity Controls on the side of the screen and you will enter the main settings screen where the first section is called Web & App Activity, now turn off this setting and click Pause. Also, uncheck the box below that includes Chrome Chrome browsing history and activity from websites and apps using Google services.

Google tracks your location

Google tracks you wherever you are, either from devices that are signed in to Google Maps or on your Android device. Users using iPhones or other Apple devices will find that Apple determines this tracking largely automatically so you don’t have the same amount of maps for locations as Android users.

How do you stop it?

Go to My Activity then tap Activity Controls on the side of the screen, scroll down and find Location History, stop this and click Pause.

Google keeps track of the smartphones you use

Google stores information about every Android device you’ve used to sign in to your account, and the key idea is that it can better suggest apps and services the next time you have a new device.

How do you stop it?

Go to My Activity, click Activity Controls, scroll down to find Device Information, turn off this option, and then click Pause.

Google records your voice

Each time you say “Ok Google” to your phone or smartphone, Google keeps this request so you can go back, review, or delete it, and it saves these recordings to improve how your devices respond to them and develop this feature later.

How do you stop it?

With the same steps above go to Activity controls and scroll down and you’ll find Voice and Audio Activity, turn this off and click Pause.

Google follows every video you watch on YouTube

When you use YouTube, every search and video you watch is recorded, and it’s important that Google can advise you to watch new videos better, and automatically show you all the relevant videos you are looking for.

How do you stop it?

Also, follow the same steps, then scroll down and you’ll see YouTube Search History and YouTube Watch History, uncheck each of these boxes and click Pause when each dialog box appears.

Google creates your advertiser profile

It may come as a surprise that Google shares a little of your personal information with advertisers. He uses all this information to create an almost anonymous profile for you that includes your interests and what he thinks will make you happy. This information is then used to customize specific ads for you (ads that Google thinks you might want to see).

How do you stop it?

You can also turn off ad customization or edit your interests if you’re not happy with the ads you see, and you can also scroll down and change your profile.

Download all your Google data

Google already lets you download all of your data and you keep it with the selection and selection of the type of data you want and the format you want, but although this may attract you to download a copy of it but we don’t recommend it, because once the data is on your computer It will be less secure than before, so if you are determined to do so, treat it with caution.

Delete all existing data on Google currently

This is very easy and you can do it by going to My activity and then Delete all, just click Delete to get rid of all the data it holds.

The use of your information by Google may seem difficult to get rid of, but in a few simple steps, you can reduce this data to a minimum so that you can enjoy a good night’s sleep without thinking about what Google does with your private data and who sees it.