Top 10 hacker groups in the world

Hacker is a person with exceptional capabilities and knowledge in the field of computers and technology in general and can exploit the gaps in any computer network with high skill, this may not be an accurate definition of the term Hacker.

But most importantly, hackers do not necessarily have to be a criminal. Some of them use their skills to serve noble causes and others exploit their expertise in criminal acts.

10 most famous hacker collections in the world

Chaos Computer Club

The group gained fame after its members hacked into a Bildschirmtext computer in Germany and managed to get DM 134,000 from a bank in Hamburg. This operation aimed to prove that the security system contained loopholes, and the group returned the money the next day. This group demonstrated against the French nuclear tests and uncovered one of the spy programs used by the German government.

The group was formed in Berlin in 1981.

Global kOS

The name means global chaos, and this group has tried its best to create this chaos, thanks to the members of this group to provide several automated tools (automated) to penetrate, among them was the famous tool “Up Yours” which was used to disable 40 websites for politicians , The MTV website, and the Ku Klux Klan racist organization.

The Level Seven Crew

This group took its name from the seven levels of hell as depicted in Dante’s Hell Poem, in which the seventh level is “violent level”. First American National Bank.

This group was known for its activities in the service of noble goals and dispersed in 2000.


The group was created by a person named Patrick Gregory, a gangster in Houston Texas.

It is said that this group is responsible for the destruction of data and information on 155 websites, as well as the trade of illegal information, and estimated the damage resulting from its actions in the millions of dollars.

Gregory’s team also blackmailed and vandalized the US Army Web site and wrote the phrase “global hell will not die” on the US Army Web site.


This hacker group formed at the age of sixteen in 2010 whose nickname is TriCk. This group hacked the official website of NATO, Facebook and the English Defense League.

Also, the group stole the personal information of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair by hacking his e-mail, and also attacked members of Research In Motion, which developed Blackberry, because the company planned to help the British government quell the riots in England.

New Crack Program Hacker Group

The group originated in China in 1994, led by Hackredi Tan Dailin, who is said to have worked for the Chinese military. The exact number of members of this group is not known, but it is said to consist of 10 people plus Dailin and three others in command.

GinWui, the rootkit developed by Dailin, was used to attack the Pentagon in 2006.


The group’s slogan “Laughing at your security since 2011” has attacked, X-Factor, Sony, FBI, and CIA, causing billions of dollars in damage.

LulzSec disclosed the personal information of 73,000 contestants when it breached the X-Factor database.

 The FBI arrested the most important members of the group in 2012 and handed them over to the group’s leader, Sabu.

Masters of Deception

Starting in 1989, the group was a rival to Legion of Doom, another Texas-based hacker group. The rivalry between the two groups reached a war in which racial and class overtones were used.

The Masters of Deception Group is responsible for the largest and largest attack in which information is stolen from computers. In the end, the five senior members of the group were arrested, accused of fraud, computer manipulation, and illegal wiretapping, and confessed to their sins.


A group of activists, formed in 1998, the main objective of which was the Center for Research and Nuclear Studies in Bhabha, India. Easyspace, which hosts websites, posted anti-nuclear messages on 300 websites.


There is no need to say much about this group, perhaps the most famous hacker group to date, the group attacked the Pentagon and threatened to disable Facebook, and threatened Los Zetas, one of the largest drug sales and production gangs in Mexico, as well as declared war on Scientology.

The group says: “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us. ”

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