Top 10 IT skills you need to master for 2019

New technologies with advanced features and advanced structure have emerged in the world recently as a result of accelerated technological development, which led to the emergence of a new challenge in the labor market is to find the most talented and skilled people to make the best use of these technologies, and a new challenge for workers or job seekers in the technological field, the development of skills Different information technology they have to ensure they get a job.

In this article, we will review you (and those interested in the technical field in particular) in this article the ten most demanding IT skills, reached by the Global Knowledge Training Company based on the study of the highest paid technical jobs, the most cost-effective technology certificates, the most challenging work areas and the various investments made in Technical field.

Top 10 IT skills for 2019

Cloud Computing

Working skills on cloud platforms come first as they are currently the most demanded, and salaries in this field are the highest in the technical market, and because of the intersection of this field with many technical fields.

Cloud computing has changed the reality of information, opening the door to the emergence of new areas of investment in the technical market, and allowed to take advantage of the technologies of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things IoT , and influenced several technologies such as data analysis, networks and project management positively and benefited from the spread of cloud computing, and is expected to achieve cloud services growth by 17% this year.

This growth created job vacancies in the field of cloud computing, which posed a challenge for decision-makers in technology companies to fill these vacancies, especially with the current lack of practical experience capable of meeting the needs of the market, partly because of this lack of skills in this field. Harmonious and integrated on several techniques and software functions.


An analysis by the International Data Corporation (IDC) of Identity and Access Management showed that 55% of users might change the platform or service provider if a threat of a platform breach emerges, rising to 78% if found to be The hack directly affects their data.

Therefore, most companies and institutions attach great importance to the security aspect of data in providing their services, especially with the escalating risk of cyber-attacks globally. All this, in addition to the lack of specialists in this field, was a challenge for corporate decision-makers to choose the right skills.

Finally, professional certificates in this field are an important factor for obtaining a job, or for higher salaries. Reports indicate that the salaries of holders of these certificates are 41% higher than their counterparts.

IT Skills: Application Development and Programming

Job opportunities in this field are expected to increase shortly. According to the US Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics, the development of phone applications is expected to grow by 31% and software development by 24% by 2026.

Developers are building and building networking, web and smartphone applications. As more and more people rely on smartphones and the Internet for their business, the importance of developing and building applications will increase dramatically. According to Global Knowledge, software business and application development are fifth in terms of payrolls in North America.

Building wireless networks and technologies

The Software-defined Network (SDN) market is growing rapidly, due to the importance and flexibility of the services provided by these technologies. It is the fifth most important market for investors in the technical market and ranks fifth in terms of the challenges faced by decision-makers in employment in this field.

The Cisco certification (the leader in wireless networking and technology), these certificates are in the list of the most profitable certificates in the labor market in the world, for example, CCNP Routing and Switching certificate comes among the top 15 certificates in terms of the annual income of holders estimated $ 107,000.

Data analysis and management

One of the most important information technology skills is that as companies become more reliant on big data to shape their policy and solve their problems, the need for skills in data analysis and management in the market grows, so that the information engineers in companies are better able to help them reach more accurate assessments and expectations through their data.

The IDC estimates that by 2026, the volume of data produced in the world will be 10 times that of 2016, creating a new challenge to manage, structure, protect, and find people with the necessary skills.

Systems Engineering and Enterprise Architecture

Companies need to rearrange their divisions and expand their work. This task becomes more complex with the presence of modern technologies and accelerated technical development, which requires the involvement of engineers and information specialists in several stages of work during this task, more than their counterparts in different sections of the company.

Of course, this requires them to acquire new skills in systems engineering and organization of corporate structure, so that they can work on the legacy and software structure, and develop them in companies that want to develop their work, to be coordinated work between the new and old from the perspective of practices and rules for each company and software and technical work in them.

According to CompTIA, 34% of companies operate according to strategies drawn up every 12 months, keeping pace with changes in the technical reality.

IT Skills: Project Management

Due to the lack of experience and skills in different technical fields, as mentioned earlier, this makes the task of planning and completing a project more sensitive and important, in addition to the many obstacles that actually prevent the completion of the project within the time and budget planned, all this shows the need in all A project to a manager who has the skills and experience to draw strategies, plan, communicate and coordinate with many entities that are involved or involved in the project.

The Project Management Professional (PMP) is the second most successful certification in the United States.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Many engineers and technologists complain about the stress of work that takes time, which is often a lot of routine work, so AI intervention can carry many of these burdens, enabling them to focus on more important and sensitive work. , Making machine learning and artificial intelligence one of the most important IT skills these days.

Based on the aforementioned, it is not surprising that artificial intelligence and machine learning receive great interest in the technology investment market, to develop techniques that help in the technical and service work, mostly through cloud platforms, so cloud computing plays an important role in this area as well as mentioned Previously.

Technical and office support skills

The importance of technical support in solving technical problems in hardware and software in companies that increasingly rely on technologies in their work, which in turn led to the expansion of the skill set required by the technical support specialist to perform tasks, in addition to the need for remote technical support in many areas, all of which make the technical support profession ranked fifth in the list of most requested occupations.

IT Skills: Virtual Machines

Virtual machines are of particular importance to companies, as they are a means of saving hardware costs and improving computer performance. With this interest, companies need technical specialists with special skills in this field.

Many of the professional certifications in this field come in terms of importance in the list of the most important professional certificates in the technical market.