Top 5 free online games for Android phones

For many years, smartphones have not been the focus of game developers because of their low performance as well as the small screens and batteries that they used to bring, but in recent years, after the development of smartphones, the spread of games on smartphones has increased significantly especially multiplayer games. After the game companies followed the policy of turning their games into free games and relying on in-game purchases, the games became available to many people who could not pay money.

PUBG Mobile

In a short time, this game was able to take the throne of the best free games. After the basic version of the game, which was launched on computers and games platform Xbox and Playstation at high prices and high specifications to run, the game PUBG Mobile caused a sensation of being available free of charge and workable even on mid-range smartphones.

The game style is Battle Royale, which has become very popular among multiplayer games, and its short principle is that a group of players have to face each other on the island, which contains a lot of houses, cars and various weapons where the winner is the last player or team to survive.

The game is available free of charge but has some in-game payment options to unlock missions and progress and are renewed every two or three months in each new season of the game, but there are no things or tools that enable the player who pays the money to be superior to you in the field of the game. Money is used to buy dresses and add some customizations to the game’s character and weapons in terms of form no more.

Although two years have passed since the launch of the game, it still suffers from many problems related to servers, voice, and performance sometimes, but these problems are not common to everyone, but affects servers or certain countries and specific phones even, in addition to the prevalence of cases of fraud within the game One of the things that made the players think about not playing again.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Gameloft’s Asphalt series is one of the most popular racing games on smartphones. The games of this series were paid, but the company changed its policy on this and made Asphalt 8 available for free after a period of its launch and followed it with Asphalt 9 afterward, thus securing its position as one of the best free online games in its class.

This version has excellent graphics, unlike previous versions that had poor graphics compared to other racing games. The game has plenty of single and multiplayer modes against other players, as well as many cars that become available as your game progresses with plenty of upgrade options for the car of your choice.

Although the game is available for free download, it does offer options for buying cars or other upgrade tools, as relying on the rewards and rewards you earn as your level progresses will not be enough to upgrade your cars or buy a new one to compete with other players.

Clash of Clans

The list of the best free games is not without the famous game Clash of Clans, and despite the launch of many similar games, but it is still widespread until now. The idea of ​​the game is based on land you build and strengthen your defenses to counter attacks by other players, as well as strengthening your forces and alliance with friends to create a tribe to attack opponents’ tribes with the ability to chat within the game to coordinate and organize attacks.

The game is available for free download but if you want to develop your land in a quick way you have to buy jewelry from within the game to achieve this, as the alternative option is to play it for long periods to win jewelry from within the game. The game has a huge audience around the world as some players spend hundreds of dollars a week to buy jewelry, so you may find it difficult to play against these people.

NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy leads the Shooting Games category, as it is the first multiplayer version of the popular NOVA series. The game features good graphics and excellent control as well as a lot of different gameplay modes and options to modify the character of the player and upgrade weapons but unfortunately does not contain Battle Royale mode.

The gameplay in NOVA Legacy is similar to the other series games, ie battles are in a spaceship or on another planet where you have to defend the planet against space enemies. Like most other free games, NOVA Legacy offers in-game purchases to upgrade weapons or further personalize your character.

Chess · Play & Learn

This game is one of the best free chess games that allows you to play against other people. The game also includes a large number of educational videos provided by game professionals with a lot of tips to help you professionalize the game in case you are new to it.

Meet new friends from within the game and talk to them, as well as show level details of other players to see the level and rating of opponents you may be playing against. The game also allows you to analyze the game after it is over to see what mistakes you made and what moves you had to make to win.

Do you spend a lot of time playing on your phone? Or do you prefer computer or other gaming platforms? Share your opinion in the comments.