Wait for more fun and interactive digital games with AI!

If you are a fan of the games and follow the news of the games and new updates with great passion and love, we have some good news, my friend, get ready and prepare a cup of concentrated coffee and hear the new news!

Today, artificial intelligence experts promise more fun games than usual, thanks to machine learning algorithms and artificial neural networks, a modern technology concept that is gradually coming out into the public arena.

Most of today’s predictions say just the opposite. Artificial intelligence has changed a lot, but will video game enthusiasts be affected by these new technology concepts?

What do we mean by more fun video games?

Simply put, if we talk about video games that do not involve competition between two friends, the computer will be your rival in this game. The same stages in the same way because these robots are programmed to do the same things in the same way and are not able to change their actions or movements within the context of the game.

After several stages, the player can observe the algorithm followed by the computer within the game, and the computer can not change its movements and thus we will be able to win overwhelming with some simple observation and play for a period which makes it very tedious so we are looking for new games continuously.

We enjoy it more when we play our favorite video games when we meet our friends, but sometimes it’s hard to gather friends, so what do you think about trying to make computers that imitate human behavior?

The player will not be able to observe computer behavior shortly, which will make it more fun for the player, and this is one of the promising areas in the digital game development industry. Access to computers that imitate human in the game is amazing and artificial intelligence is one of our gold tools to achieve this.

How can we make digital games more fun?

More fun games mean smarter computers, robots, and enemies, but in the game industry the elements of the game are not smart, so how are we going to make smarter robots?

Artificial intelligence is a very effective tool in this field. By training in-game robots and putting them in competition against other robots, this can change the equation a little in favor of AI and its ability to change things radically.

Let us imagine that you have sent in-game robots to previously programmed tasks and adventures, and sending these small robots with different tasks and competing with each other will contribute to the development of these robots skills, which will contribute to the acquisition of new skills that can be applied in the games, which will make their behavior less predictable.

Another method used is interactive learning – training robots by sending them to play as a team with each other, which will contribute to their acquisition of many new skills.

What are the limitations of artificial intelligence in gaming?

Some many problems and limitations limit the ability of artificial intelligence to take its role in creating better digital games than games that exist today. The first is getting data for analysis.

For example, Valve provides data for the famous game Dota, usually through a descriptive file that you can analyze to understand how the game works as a whole and through which you can analyze all elements related to the game such as the level of health of players and other attributes. Basic game-specific.

But when game developers don’t provide this type of data, you should develop your tools to get the data you need. If you want to analyze a large amount of data to get a certain result, it will be very difficult and will take a lot of effort.

Artificial intelligence and games today!

AI is moving very boldly in the robot world but the software is still limited and since it is not safe to test these algorithms on real machines, digital games provide a safe and cheap environment for testing AI algorithms.

As a result, the virtual entertainment world has become even more exciting before. We now have many AI-based games, including AlphaGo and FEAR. Today we have smart in-game elements that can track your movements, learn from your behavior and the ability to escape when you shoot them when you want to attack, making games more fun and challenging than before. This is an expected result. Everyone is testing artificial intelligence in games today and these efforts will sooner or later pay off.

What should we expect in the future?

Artificial intelligence in the digital gaming world is heading to a whole new stage and providing an amazing virtual experience for gamers, especially after the proliferation of VR and AR technologies.

The best example is the famous game Pokémon Go, which has proven that we can integrate the real world with artificial intelligence well.

I think we will see more and more AI games day by day, a world full of creativity awaits us shortly, to believe in more technology to improve our lives for the better!