What is an e-book and where can we find it and what are its types?

Although e-book sales have been declining over the past two years, traditional paper books are still widely available, but that doesn’t mean you should reject e-books. Sure, there are times when a physical book makes more sense – for example, if you present it as a gift or need to make a large number of annotations while you read – but the e-book is undoubtedly cheaper and more convenient for everyday reading.

What is an Ebook?

EBook is an acronym for Electronic Book. In simple terms, an e-book refers only to any book available in digital format. An e-book can contain the same elements as a regular book, including contents, chapters, images, diagrams, references, and more.

In practice, some things distinguish an e-book from any text-based e-document.

The reflowable document can adapt to its view, depending on the device on which it is displayed. This means that the same EPUB file will look different depending on whether you’re using a Kindle, Nook, laptop, or another device.

The exception to the reflux rule is PDF files today, where most people consider PDF books to be “real” eBooks. PDF files are a fixed layout, which means that you may experience formatting issues when viewing the PDF on a dedicated e-reader.

Finally, since the e-book is digital, it can provide some features not available in paper books, such as hyperlinks, editable fonts, text sizes, and even video.

How to read ebook

To read an e-book, you need two things, an e-book file, and an e-book reader.

Where to find e-books?

There is no shortage of sites and companies where you can download e-books for reading, the most popular online store, of course, Amazon, there are more than six million titles to choose from. They include the best books from leading publishers and authors, as well as a collection of self-published independent books.

Amazon also offers some e-book rental services, where Kindle Unlimited costs $ 9.99 per month and provides access to a million e-books and thousands of audiobooks, while all Prime subscribers can rent e-books from a constantly changing library of about 1,000 titles.

The company also offers some free eBooks, including classic books like The Hobbit and The Man In the High Castle, but the list of free books changes a lot. And if you don’t want to spend money on e-books, there are better places to look for them than Amazon, such as some sites that specialize in offering free e-books, the most popular is the Library Genesis and the Gothenburg Project.

Similarly, Amazon is not far from the only option if you are happy to spend money on your eBooks. Companies like Kobo, Barnes, Noble, Waterstones, and ebooks.com are just some of the other e-book stores that are worth reviewing.

Choose an e-book reader

If you are a reading worm and have a special tendency to read eBooks, you are likely to invest in an eReader dedicated to eBooks. The most popular brand on the market is the Amazon Kindle. It has three products: Kindle Basic Model, Paperwhite and Oasis

If you don’t want to buy a Kindle, you can also try using eBook reader apps on Android phones like Bookari and FReader and desktop computers like Icecream EBook Reader, Bibliovore and the Kindle app.

How to choose the e-book format?

The world of e-book formats is a confusing place, as there are many formats that you may encounter at some point. Each of them has different properties and is used for different purposes. However, it can be argued that the three most common e-book formats are EPUB, MOBI, and AZW.

How to read books in MOBI format?

MOBI started its life as the old OEB format (Open EBook) in 2000 and was initially developed by the French company Mobipocket, and the format was eventually killed by Amazon in 2016, 11 years after the acquisition in 2005.

Although the servers are not officially connected to the Internet, most mainstream e-book readers support formatting due to the millions of legacy e-books that still exist in MOBI.

How to read books in EPUB format?

EPUB is free to use and open source and is one of the world’s most popular eBook formats such as MOBI, and EPUB files can be read on almost every e-reader app. Kindle e-book readers happily let you convert EPUB to MOBI or AZW using several different methods.

How to read AZW books?

AZW is Amazon’s e-book format based on MOBI and is believed to be why Amazon bought its developer Mobipocket in 2005. All e-books purchased on Amazon are delivered in AZW or AZW3 format

Finally, despite the many e-book formats that can be somewhat confusing, the possibility of switching between them is what encourages many to switch to e-reading, as well as the availability of thousands of online stores that provide millions of titles for free in all areas and this is enough reason for many They turn to e-reading despite the fun we find in traditional paper books.

Do you prefer e-book or paper book? Tell us what you think of the comments.