What is torrent and how to use it legally?

The use of the popular torrent file sharing service is legal if you do not download or share pirated copyrighted content, in all discussions about the legality of using this technology or not forget that there are a lot of legal uses of torrents more than illegal uses.

How’s that ?!

  • Visit BitTorrent now to learn how creators have used torrent files to distribute their work so you can legally use it.
  • Service supports the Amazon the S3 ( the Amazon the Simple Storage Service) sharing protocol BitTorrent files so that developers can save costs when content distribution on a large scale when they want to transfer large amounts of data.
  • Sites such as Academic Torrents and even Internet Archive use BitTorrent protocol to help you download educational and historical files.

Torrents, such as driving a car or using a knife to cut something, are easy to use, but the way you use them is your responsibility.

Although it is very simple, many people have difficulties at first, even those who call themselves “professionals” often do not know half of what they can know when using this technique.

What is BitTorrent? Just a simple way to share files?

Most of us are more familiar with traditional ways of sharing files like email and FTP. These are common methods, but BitTorrent is just another way to share files that we can use.

While email and FTP are based on a single computer that hosts the file and sends it to connected computers, BitTorrent files spread to many computers around the world using a technology known as Peer-to-Peer where we can use BitTorrent to share Or download any type of file such as AVI, MP3, JPG, DOCX, etc.

Illustrative example

There is a book you want to read but you only have one chapter with you, look around and find a friend who has a few chapters, so the book is still not complete so you both look for a few people who might have the remaining pages, you’ll find a group of other people and on Although there is no complete book for either of them yet, you can share your chapter with those people who will do the same and eventually you will get a copy of the book chapter after chapter until you have the entire book from the cover to the cover.

Internet becomes a “book” is the file you want to download, the file is divided into small pieces or small parts of each one of you has a piece at least one even begin to download and share these small pieces, called here ” the Bits ” that everyone has the entire file, each “ Bit ” that you download Download (or anyone else who downloads it) will be available to all others, and at the same time you download some “Bits” others upload Upload some other pieces.

Understand the abbreviations and terminology of Torrent technology

The following lines will explain the key terms and how each part of the Torrents file-sharing protocol works

Torrent: First of all, this is the torrent file itself, meaning that this is the file you are looking for when you want to download something.


Keep in mind that a torrent file is not the entire file. It is very small and contains only the information that points to the actual file and the people who share it.

BitTorrent Client: Your downloader is the software part that takes a torrent file that reads the information in it and starts downloading, Torrent software is available for all platforms and operating systems including Android and iOS.

Peer: is any computer connected to the Internet and is involved in downloading/downloading a torrent file.

Seeder: Anyone who has a complete copy of a file that is shared via a torrent.

Leecher: A person who doesn’t have the complete file yet but has joined the network to download it turns leecher into a seeder when it downloads the entire file and then shares it over the network.

Swarm: The sum of both leechers and seeders, meaning all computers involved in the torrenting process.

Index: As the name implies is a searchable list of torrent files hosted on a website.

Share ratio: The amount of data that a user has downloaded divided by the amount of data they downloaded for a torrent (UL ÷ DL). To other users more than it received, and conversely the share of less than 1 has a negative impact.

Tracker: A server that has information about who has the files and who needs those files, and thus acts as a bridge between seeders and leechers.

Before uploading, you need to understand copyright laws thoroughly

Although the Torrent Protocol is technically legal, its abuse is at the heart of the fight against digital piracy, and it has its laws and penalties in many countries so be aware of it and does not use it to infringe the rights of others.

Peer-to-peer file sharing is completely legal, but using it for copyrighted content is not. When you rely on torrent downloads, you must understand copyright laws.

Some countries have laws that make it easier to download “some” material using BitTorrent for personal use, but distribution makes it a punishable offense, and others criminalize anyone who carries / downloads and distributes the material.

There have been many cases of torrenting sites that index torrent files and make them publicly available because of violations of the laws of some countries, and organizations such as the American Recording Industry Association (RIAA) and the American Film Association (MPAA) have become proactive against many because they represent a source of piracy.

Remember that download sites can be identified by their IP addresses so the anonymity feature is not out here, and the safest way is to follow copyright laws as provided, see the Copyright Policy link for the tracking website.

The moral battle between search engines and the torrent community

Different search engines are always keen to promote torrent links on the first search results page and this is in itself a controversy that has not yet been resolved because it is a form of copyright infringement.

Earlier in 2017, Google and other search engines worked on a voluntary anti-piracy law, and procedures became tougher with search engines after removal requests from various organizations and companies demanding the removal of links from search results.

The core point is not against downloading files per se but against hacking sites. Google and other search engines have continued to cancel search results that show hacking sites from their search results, for example, The Pirate Bay in the UK and India are blocked Among many other countries although there are torrent sites also host legal content such as LibreOffice and various Linux distributions.

How to be an active member of the torrent community?

In a torrent community, “leechers” are described as the one who hits and flee “Hit-and-runners”, who is benefiting but not helpful.

To avoid this name, follow this basic rule:

  • After the download is finished, let the Torrent client run for at least three hours or until it loads as much as you have downloaded (1: 1 share) Sometimes it may not be possible to follow this rule but it is important to approach it.

Additional tip: Download the materials at night and let your device work all night.

Be careful what you download!

When you search for torrent links and sites you will find a lot of results in front of you so beware as there are many fake torrent links mostly malicious, here are five golden rules for safe download:

  • Make reading the comments about the file concerned by other visitors and those who downloaded the file before you usually tell you how well and reliably the link is.
  • Download files from a reputable site or join a private tracker.
  • Try to avoid downloading split files and recompressing them into a kilobyte block of files. These links are usually fake.
  • Always read the rules and copyright policy of the website you are downloading from.
  • Do not download pirated files such as programs and computer games from public torrent sites that are not secure.

How to speed up your torrent downloads?

What is the purpose of torrent file-sharing when your internet speed is like a turtle ?! Download speed depends on a few external factors and some are within your control, let’s see how you can improve your torrent client with a few tips:

Check your bandwidth

To improve your torrent download speed, you should know the maximum download limits. You also need to know if your Internet service provider is stifling torrent usage in any way. There are several ways you can check if you are getting the bandwidth you paid for. It is important to measure the quality of the Internet as the limitations of neutrality are dismantled in some countries.

Choose a healthy torrent link

A good torrent link is where the number of seeders is higher than the number of leechers, so choosing a liter-leecher high torrent link in many locations will find it marked with a green gesture that usually indicates that it has been verified by the torrent community as well.

Don’t set a download or download limit

Think of your bandwidth as a highway trying to deal with rush hour movement in both directions. If you have reason to restrict maximum download and upload rates, do so but don’t set it too low as it will choke your download rate.

Sites to download torrent files legally and free

If you choose to download free movies and games from torrent sites without infringing someone’s copyright, you are using the BitTorrent protocol in the best way possible, but on most popular torrent sites there is no particular way to distinguish between content that is shared legally and illegally.

To solve this problem here are several useful torrent sites that only host 100% free and legal torrent links to download You can use these sites safely and completely legal:

Public Domain Torrents

You will be surprised when you find that it hosts many legal torrents, hosts a lot of classic movies and B-Movies that you can download for free you can choose by category to narrow your search.

Legit Torrents

As the name implies Legit Torrents can be used to download 100% legal torrent files.

Vuze Studio HD Network

Hosts video content that is divided into many categories such as comics, TV, movies, videos, music, news, TED conversations, etc. You can visit the website or access the torrent directory from the Vuze client itself.

Game Updates

If you’re a fan of games and don’t want to spend your money on expensive games, Game Updates can help you get some games completely free and legal. The site is a legal torrent forum for games that don’t require you to register to download content.

TAS Videos

Unlike other torrent sites in this list that offer movies and games, TAS Videos was created primarily to meet the needs of gamers who want to improve their gameplay, the website offers classic and modern gameplay that allows the new user to become an expert.

Other sites: Etree, Academic Torrents, Miro Guide, Vodo, Jamendo, Linux Tracker, and bitlove.

In recent times, we find that there is growth without limits to the peer to peer network peer-to-peer as each new player not only takes from the grid, but it gives you something in return, today we see how the evolution of this protocol to a new technology emerging power, blockchain applications decentralization Such technologies not only give us a wealth of digital content but radically change the world so that the user is the ultimate beneficiary.