What is WordPress? How to build a site? A zero step to launch the site

Using the CMS CMS like WordPress, which is actually software that offers you many options for creating various websites with a variety of applications, such as a store, a company, etc. If you want to launch your website without the need for programming, you should have cms

Maybe you’ve heard a lot of WordPress and you like to know what is WordPress? So come along with us.

Methods of earning money in all courses vary according to the needs of that period. At the moment, every person needs to be aware of the Internet business to achieve financial independence and earn money. It is also necessary to advance the traditional business of transforming them into online businesses.

All traditional businesses need to adapt themselves to day-to-day people and redirect traditional methods to new ways of earning money. Today, we need to have an Internet business all the time and learn newer stuff every day.

Having enough income without the expertise and the ideal capital of all individuals. Understanding the needs of the community and responding to these needs will result in the development of an Internet business. Getting the ideal income without the need for the developer and additional costs, and only with the initiative is the characteristics of this business. So let’s go along the path to making money online. Of course with WordPress! Let’s see what is WordPress?

So if you want to start the free tutorial, continue with this article and get acquainted with the basics of making the website.

How to build a site?

In fact, you can use 3 ways to create a site:

Through the construction of a building site and Blog and then install the domain on it

Using Site Builders : You must become a member on these sites and then create your own website.

Using the CMS CMS like WordPress, which is actually software that offers you many options for creating various websites with a variety of applications, such as a store, a company, etc. If you want to launch your website without the need for programming, you should use cms.

To set up a website, we need a few basic components. I will examine these components one by one. Then, we start to teach zero-to-hundred startup sites in a practical way and manage it with the WordPress Content Management System

Domain or domain

To set up a good site, you need to register a domain for you before you can. The domain or domain is exactly the same as the website address.

You deal with the domain of the Internet almost every day. On the Internet, your website must have a unique address so that your customers can access your website by entering it in the browser. The domain is actually a proprietary name that each web site takes to be different and accessible to other websites. The first part of each domain is www and the second part is the domain name (same name as the site) and the third part is the domain extension.

The domain suffix actually expresses the type and context of your site’s activity, for example, the suffix and means that your site is Iranian, or the extension com, which stands for commerce, means the site is commercial. The point that should be addressed to it is that the domains are proprietary So, before registering your domain, you have to make sure your domain is empty. They will be purchased annually. For example, you will purchase a domain for one or more years. Once this period is over, you will not be able to redeem your domain if you do not renew your domain.

A few practical examples

For example, Google’s domain name is google.com and the domain name of the wordpress website is mihanwp.com. This is a general definition of the domain of the site and this domain represents the name of your site, your area of ​​work or your nationality. For example, .co domains for corporate sites and com for international sites (albeit for sale at the beginning of the site?) And domain names are specific to Iran. What is a domain?

Host or Host

We can look at the hosting department exactly like a storefront. The store room contains space for all the goods and services that you show to the shop. The web site also contains exactly the content that you can display to visitors to the site. This content may include the text you are reading right now or the picture you saw at the beginning of the article or the movie you will see on our site.

This information is on the hard drive of a robust computer that is always connected to the Internet and is always on, and we can access this information using the domain. (It was so simple and I explained to Ron that I became brighter)

Types of hosting

So now we have two models. The Windows and Linux hosts described here more about it. Of course, before proceeding, it’s best to shop online and see the domain:

So there are two things you need to set up a website

Once you have prepared these two items, you need to connect to the host by using the DNS that the provider provides.

The host is the host, and the space is always on a server that is ready for the site. In fact, if you want to have a website, you should be able to place your site information in a safe and secure place on the Internet so that your site information is available in the whole world.


To set up a website, you can set up your own website with various software. In designing and launching a website, codes should be written to implement a website. For example, in HTML, to put an image on a webpage, we need to put the img src code in the code for that page. Well, it did this with different software like Adobe Dreamweaver or Frontpage software, but for the manager of a company or an affiliate, it was not at all fun to deal with these code and software or worse. It could not be designed and coded to insert a product or news item into a separate page. This is how cms or content management systems enter the web.

How much does CMS cost?

One of the problems in the past that made it less costly for Web site users to spend on Web site design, but today with the availability of CMS there is no such problem. CMS is a web-based application that helps you manage and manage the content of your site. With the CMS you can easily create a site and according to your needs and field of activity, you can add a variety of features in the shortest time and at the lowest cost, and in fact one of the most important benefits of content production systems is the same flexibility. Their ability to respond to the needs of the audience.

CMS stands for Content Management System, which holds out the concept of content management. In CMSs, information is read from a database, and this information will be exposed to the viewer by executing code and analyzing information in a few hundred seconds.

A Content Management System allows you to manage your site’s information and files, and make site changes and content through a simple and, of course, Farsi panel. So CMS actually dynamizes your site. I forgot to say that we have two site models. Static and dynamic. If you want to know the difference between static and dynamic sites, check out this video.

What is a WordPress theme?

What is WordPress? Well, maybe this question has come to you about what WordPress is and what it’s all about. I try to write this clear tutorial so that friends who are new to the concepts of the Internet can also understand what this WordPress theme is.

WordPress is a free software that can be used to create different types of websites. WordPress includes many different templates and WordPress skins. WordPress plugins also help you add different sections to your site. You can use WordPress to set up a site without the need for programming skills or help with the developer.

WordPress is a versatile and multifunctional web content management system (cms) developed by the PHP language and can be used with a variety of sites and Start a blog , personal, store, corporate, and any other site.

WordPress is an open source content software that focuses on simplicity in performance, speed, and user experience. WordPress is starting up with an active open-source, open-source card reader and can help you launch a great website.

With WordPress, create any site!

WordPress was created by the automattic group and was used only for blogging in the first few years. But the design and coding of WordPress plugins and templates changed the story. Today, you can find any WordPress template, including blogs, news magazines, corporate, real estate consultants, download, personal, shop, medical and educational materials for WordPress. So WordPress today can launch any kind of site for you. Hassle-free: D

Well, here, we want to explain the words very easily in relation to the concept of WordPress! WordPress is a free and open source software. Open Source or Open Source Software means that anyone has the ability to edit these software after reviewing and make changes to the way they are developed and developed! The designer of this kind of open source program provides the source code of the application to the applicants and as a result, if the program has a bug or a problem, these bugs are found and resolved more quickly.

Open source and …

In fact, due to this open source, WordPress is a content management system that has a lot of flexibility, which means you can with the help of this content management system you can either type of site such as: a corporate site. Shop. News and … make. If you are familiar with programming and coding, you can easily do any sort of personalization on WordPress, which is one of the reasons for the great WordPress popularity among site designers.

The nice features and capabilities of WordPress can be summarized as follows:

WordPress open source

First, WordPress is an open source system. What is Open Source now? If you remove software and make changes to it, it’s definitely a matter for the author to understand why we’ve got our software, but WordPress is not. You can even write in your site admin coded by me. Someone will not do anything to you. ?

Proven among reputable sites

Secondly, most sites in the world use WordPress. According to the latest statistics, over 30% of the world’s sites use WordPress, which is a good indicator of the popularity of this content management system among the world’s sites. WordPress sites include Facebook and AngryBirds, Google Ventures, Coca-Cola and NY Times. WordPress has been running for over thirteen years, and up to today it has used more than 50 million WordPress Web sites.

Top WordPress Security

The security issue in site design is very important. In fact, if you did not care about the security of the site you created, all the bugs that you made for the site would be lost. If your website is hacked, it will cost you a lot of financial and economic damage, as well as the reputation of your inferior business. Hackers can also steal your users’ information or install malware and malware on your site, even though your access to your site is interrupted and you will be charged a lot of money to give you access again!

That’s why it’s very important that you pay special attention to the security section of your site. Since the WordPerfect Core is very secure and is being scrutinized by a large number of developers every day, it can be upgraded and more reliable every day. In fact, word processor updates made by WordPress severely reduce the vulnerability of your site against hackers.

WordPress is safe and secure. As I said most of the sites in the world use WordPress, I still do not think the Facebook blog that uses WordPress and one of the most visited sites in the world has been hacked or threatened.

Of course, do not forget that …

Of course, we have repeatedly stated that security is completely relative. You may be able to turn a very low-security operating system into a completely secure system using security features that you consider to be a security system. Put the high on someone who does not have security knowledge to turn it into a completely unsafe system.

The security of Internet software is important for everyone, and what separates WordPress from other software is that you only have access to your personal information. In fact, there are so many people who care about the main WordPress Codes and make you feel comfortable with security.

WordPress price

WordPress is one of the open source systems. One of the advantages of an open source system is that its system builds all the code completely free to the public. So now you can download absolutely free WordPress.

The cost of designing a website with WordPress is much lower than the rest of the site design methods. Why? Because WordPress is free and does not cost much. As a whole, your content management system does not need to be coded, so the main cost that you have to dedicate to the design of the site is eliminated, and the only cost you have to pay is the cost of the template and WordPress plugin, even the WordPress itself. Free templates and plugins are packed with a lot of variety. You offer. You can use one of 6,000 free WordPress templates to design your site.

Easy and convenient installation

The first thing that you see after downloading and running WordPress on your site is the installation of a 5-minute easy. According to WordPress creators, the installation of WordPress can be done in a few minutes by a not-so-important person.

Easily and with a few clicks you can install WordPress. Do not accept and have not installed yet? Try

Anyone with the least amount of programming know-how is able to install Word Press, and then designing the site with their own templates and extensions. You can easily login to your WordPress site and create a new page without paying for it.

Also, this content management system has a very high flexibility and each person can easily customize it to create thousands of new pages and not to worry about the site’s performance. Wordpress is easy to install and upgrade, and it’s very easy to handle the whole process.

WordPress is easy to set up and it’s accessible to everyone, beginners or developers. Learning a lot of software is hard and timely, but you can easily learn it for just a few hours on WordPress.

Easy and effortless use of WordPress

Using WordPress is very easy. The WordPress admin panel is designed so that you can easily change the different parts of your website without the need for any programming or previous experience. Anyone with any technical knowledge can set up and manage their website with WordPress, which means the power WordPress will give you.

WordPress has free resources and you can use it without additional charges. Every website needs to be SEO for better viewing. One of the important benefits of WordPress is that WordPress makes the most of SEO and WordPress plugins. Seo surpasses your site. WordPress has a lot of compatibility with search engines that makes it popular.

Continuous updates and regular back up capabilities

WordPress is updated every time, and with every update it can be added, and you can also back up your site. Of course, to make a backup of your site, you should use a duplicate plugin for which there are various free and costly plugins for WordPress homeowners.

The WordPress content management team updates this system on a regular basis and at different intervals and provides the new version for free. One of the benefits of these updates, in addition to providing new features, is to increase the level of security of your site. So by using WordPress, you always have one system up to date and the least bug is working. WordPress major updates are performed on average every 152 days, 2 to 3 times a year!

Select a huge range of WordPress templates

WordPress templates display the overall shape of your website. WordPress templates have a lot of variations that you can use one of them for free, depending on your needs. There are also more advanced non-standard templates that you can use to suit your needs. These templates are displayed to your taste anywhere on your site, and you can paste them with any font, size, and color.

A lot of templates designed for WordPress and the same WordPress homepage that you look for is enough to get a nice template for your site.

Using WordPress and a wide range of templates and plugins you can easily implement any type of site you are looking for.

If you are not familiar with English, you will not have to worry about working with WordPress. You can easily download the Farsi version of WordPress from the main WordPress site.

SEO (compatible and optimized for Google)

First of all, you should know what the SEO is at all? SEO is in fact one of the digital marketing tools, and any site that needs to be cognizant of SEO. One of the most important features that many site design specialists have been pushing for wordpress is to grab the SEO tips in this content management system, which calls WordPress a Seobism. The best CMS is WordPress.

WordPress is designed to help you get the most out of your SEO experience. This content management system has been developed precisely for the google search engine and bing. Search engines love WordPress sites because WordPress Codes are simple and tidy and their search engines are easy to read.

WordPress is responsive!

Being responsive means that when a user sees your site with a large screen, the layout of the various sections of your site is set to make the readability of your site in this great and well-readable page, as well as if your site user is A small screen like a mobile phone screen is used to display your site. The layout of your site is legible and has some kind of good user experience.

For example, the top menu of the sites in the large screen is visible to all options, but in small screens due to lack of space, these options are better in the drop-down menu. With WordPress you can have a responsive site.

Manage your site’s users

You may want to have a multi-level access to your employees as a site manager and not having access to all pages and content. WordPress can set 5 levels for users. WordPress allows you to create different roles for users and make it easier to manage your business.

Get started with WordPress

If you also want to install the world’s most powerful content management system, download WordPress now!

Next, you need to install and install your site on your own system.

If you want to see these tutorials in a textual and visual way, continue with this article and then go to the next WordPress free tutorial for free to explain how to setup your site.

If you want to follow these tutorials in video, you can use the WordPress tutorial package. In this package, we will introduce you as a video by launching the site.

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