WhatsApp Web: features and tricks that are very useful

You will no longer have to look at your mobile phone when you receive a notification on WhatsApp while you are working on your PC, thanks to “ WhatsApp Web ” where the company WhatsApp provided to its users this service, which allows you to run WhatsApp on your PC in a very easy way and will not resort anymore to install applications You can run mobile phone software on your PC.

You only need to do these steps to get to WhatsApp Web

In the beginning, enter WhatsApp in your phone and press the three dots in the box opposite the word WhatsApp Select WhatsApp web camera will show you and then enter on your browser and enter the address: web.whatsApp.com  and you will see QR code scan it to your mobile phone to work on WhatsApp without your computer You have to transfer your files or contacts to your computer.

But there are some features and tricks that make you a premium user of WhatsApp Web you should know to make it easier to work on WhatsApp Web and take full advantage:

Learn keyboard shortcuts on Whatsapp Web

Say goodbye to your mouse and welcome to the keyboard to save time and do without the mouse These are some important shortcuts:

  • Ctrl + N: Start a new conversation
  • Ctrl + Shift +] : Move to the next conversation.
  • Ctrl + Shift + [ : Move to the previous conversation.
  • Ctrl + E : Moves the conversation to the archive.
  • Ctrl + Shift + M : Makes the conversation muted.
  • Ctrl + Backspace : Delete the conversation.
  • Ctrl + shift + U : Marks the conversation as unread.
  • Ctrl + shift + N : Starts a new group.
  • Ctrl + P : Opens the profile status.
  • Do you suffer from poor vision and glasses far? Just press ( ctrl + shift + equals ) to enlarge the text and if you want to return it to its normal size ( – + ctrl + shift )

Emoticons in Whatsapp Web

Certainly, the conversation will not be complete without the use of emoticons, click on the shapes icon and choose the appropriate shape for the situation you want but we are talking about tricks that prevent you from using the mouse so there is an easier way to use the format you want:

In the text box type ( shift +; /: key ) followed by the first two letters of the emotion you want to express here, you will get the corresponding emoji that changes with each letter you type and press Enter to accept the emoji.

Sign in with more than one WhatsApp account

If you have two WhatsApp accounts, one for work and the other for friends, this trick will enable you to sign in with two WhatsApp web accounts. If you want to open another account from the same browser, open a new tab and enter the address dyn.web.whatsapp.com which is a proxy for the main application WhatsApp Web, which is completely secure and verified by the application scam Adviser, and with this trick you can use only two accounts and not Three or more accounts.

Read messages without discoloration of the two signals in blue

Sometimes you are overwhelmed by a work and you are not ready to have a conversation with someone so you may need to read the messages without the sender knowing that you have read them ie you are receiving the messages and reading their content while remaining in gray without the sender receiving the reading signal, just follow Steps of this trick:

Open a new work window, for example,  sticky notes and control its size so that you can read messages on WhatsApp, i.e. make WhatsApp web in the background and in this way you will be able to read messages while the two signs remain gray.

Get WAToolikt to preview WhatsApp Web messages

Using the Chrome browser lets you add additional features to WhatsApp Web, including watoolikt, which offers you two great tricks.

  1. The first allows you to read WhatsApp web conversations without reading the notice as mentioned earlier but in another way, you will be able to receive notifications in the background ie you will not need anymore and using watoolikt features to go to the WhatsApp web window to read messages, watoolikt icon shows you the number of unread messages Hovering the mouse pointer over the icon will be able to preview messages without entering the conversation screen and even without receiving a reading notification.
  2. The other trick, in WhatsApp Web, you can’t read the text with a single line and doesn’t allow you to expand the bubble that contains the message text to include the entire line, but with watoolikt you will be able to expand the message bubble to the text in the bubble with one line and this trick will get rid of the problem of multi-line chat.

Increase the volume or change the audio playback speed

The voice message may be too weak or long. This trick will be good in both cases. WhatsApp Web doesn’t allow you to make voice calls but lets you send voice messages so it would be good to use zapp, a WhatsApp extension on the chrome browser that lets you adjust both factors, With it, you can increase the volume aof the voice message, change the playback speed, or increase the volume by almost 100%.