Where to learn mobile repair for free?

Nowadays, many people around the world may spend a lot of time and effort searching for a job. Material cost. If you’re not good at academia or don’t want to work in it, you can take artwork as a job for you, for example, repairing mobile phones.

Because of the huge number of mobile phones around the world, it will undoubtedly be one of the most demanding works.

If you are obsessed with mobiles and want to enter this field, or want to see the matter and save knowledge for yourself and your device, continue reading this article.

The best sites to learn mobile repair


One of the most popular sites in this field, it has a wide section of information that will let you know how to repair mobile phones as well as all electronic devices and cars as well, they have many videos and pictures attached to the necessary instructions.


Another site that teaches you to repair mobile phones, despite its design, this site contains a lot of publications and important educational programs on how to troubleshoot the various problems that occur in mobile phones.


There are many tech enthusiasts who are passionate about phones and how to fix them, including the owner of this blog, which is a great reference for how mobile phones work and how to repair, as they offer a lot of educational programs and tips and a lot of publications that increase your interest in this area.


Another great blog, updated frequently for people who want to know how to fix mobile phones for Apple products, because this blog often talks about the problems these devices might face, and the possibility to fix them.

This may be a negative for the site, but it is one of the best sites to solve the problems of iPhone, which most believe is impossible to solve, or can not be returned exactly as before.

REWA Technology

Another site is useful for finding solutions to fix mobile phones, although there are no clear instructions on how to search within the site, the subtitles are more than enough to understand how to do this.

In general, it deals with very modern phones, which is a downside, but a potentially harmful god, by which you can guess the performance of these devices thanks to a set of videos that contain reviews about these different modern devices, and how to deal with them.


It is one of the most famous educational sites on the Internet, which offers practical courses by specialists in their field, you can register in one of the lessons according to the opinions of learners and evaluated, or according to the teacher and personal information in his account, so you can follow the videos and ask any question to the teacher or even ask Help from the webmaster, and you can communicate with many trainees so that you can spread ideas and help each other.

Eventually, after completing the course, you will receive a certificate recognized by the site management.

Although most of these courses are not free, you can get them for free through the offers and discounts offered by each site for a variety of courses, or even pay a nominal price through special offers on the occasion of Black Friday or Black Friday or just a reduced period provided by the site to enable As many students as possible from learning.

Udemy is not the only site, many other educational sites will help you move forward with phone repair.


Another great site to learn to repair mobile devices, all the articles on this site is organized and indexed appropriately, enabling you to easily browse and start learning how to repair your mobile phone or the phones of others.

GSM Forum

Here you can post a question and many members will answer your questions in different ways to the problem. There are many forums related to cell phone repair, but Gsmhosting is the oldest and largest of them, where mobile repair technicians from around the world share their problems as well as their solutions.

GSM is one of the best forums for mobile repair, it is very organized, and it is very easy to find anything you want through the search bar. Additionally, most of the issues that you may experience have been answered and that information is updated regularly.


Of course YouTube, one of the greatest resources to learn almost anything, you’ll find many tutorials in the form of videos about almost every technique related to mobile phone repair, and the best part about this is that you won’t need to pay anything to browse those videos.

You will find many channels related to cell phone repair, from beginner to expert, all you need to do is to choose the right channel for you. If you have any questions you can always write your question in the comments box below the video.