Which company is the best for hosting websites?

This is a question that has no exact answer. In fact, the best answer is “the best hosting depends on your needs and budget.” Various companies in Iran provide hosting services. In the meantime, companies offer different services under different titles with different quality and prices, depending on the need. Your budget must be selected from the Services.

Important factors in choices

Several companies provide hosting services and related services, which is a little confusing, and we have to have a lot of information about these companies and services we want to buy before we buy them. For the best hosts, the following is a short list of the most important factors to consider: Considering these tips is very important.

  • Prices of hosts provided
  • Quality and speed, and uptime (availability)
  • Bandwidth is
  • Company Support Provider
  • Secure information and back up
  • Hardware and software used by the company
  • Originality and Validity of the Hosting Company
  • Provide SSL security certificate
  • Additional services provided by the company

Prices of hosts provided

Prices are based on the services provided and the originality of the company, but competitive pricing is the best option to choose from when comparing prices. Some companies are demolishing competing companies (for example, when they are sanctioned, they send group emails and threaten people that if you use these services, for example, you might lose your domains and …) This is a sign of weakness of the company. Very odd discounts also indicate unfair pricing of the company.

Speed ​​and availability (availability)

Uptime means the average availability of the company’s server over the course of several months or several years, which is numerically similar to 99.9 and … It is stated that if multiplied and divided, it would be concluded that, according to their own claims, the server, for example, 3 hours per month in Not available

The site speed also depends on criteria such as the hardware used (such as high speed ssd drive) and server location (eg, Iran or Germany).

Bandwidth is

The bandwidth or the same traffic is referred to the amount of traffic that can be used within a month. If you run out of traffic during this period, your site will be suspended (suspended) and your other site will be unavailable. For example, if your site traffic is 5GB per month, your users can download 5 GB of your site (downloading the site also reduces traffic).

Company Support Provider

Support is provided by hosting companies differently:

  • Support via Ticket (most common form)
  • Phone Support (Best Form if Responsive)
  • Support via social networks
  • Support via online chat
  • 7/24 support (ie 7 days a week and 24 hours a day)

How much a company does in providing strong support and user satisfaction is empirically obtained by questioning other users and communicating neutral articles similar to this article.

Secure information and back up

The most bitter events that may happen to a site owner are:

  • Clearing the information (mistakenly by you or the company) and lack of backup
  • Stealing your important information and products by hosting company staff
  • Hacking the server and stealing information by hackers

Be sure to choose a company that renews your data back up (usually a downloaded host does not include backups due to high volume of information).

Hardware and software used by the company

What is the type of server hosting your site (for example, ssd) and, for example, the server’s other specifications, such as the cpu server, the server rum, etc., and which of these resources you allocate a few percent (on shared hosts) ) Determines the speed and quality of your site.

Another case of software is used. For example, what is the control panel (usually cpanel or direct admin) and what is the version of php (this is very important in installing and running scripts that you are installing on your host).

Originality and Validity of the Hosting Company

This is a general measure that can generally measure the overall quality of a company. Companies that have given a good name over the past few years and trust their brand users are certainly safer options to use hosting services.

Provide SSL security certificate

Over the past few years, the number of sites using the https protocol has been increasing day by day, and even this has a positive impact on SEO and the site’s position on Google. Some companies provide ssl licenses free of charge on their hosts, which is something that you can buy separately from other companies if you want to, perhaps you should spend money just for this.

Additional services provided by the company

Additional services are also important for your ease of use. Services such as:

  • Foreign exchange services (dollar purchases from foreign companies)
  • Providing marketing and SEO services
  • Provide advertising services like Google Adwords
  • Providing website design and graphic design services