Why are people no longer shopping from their smartphones?

We all love shopping and roaming in the world of purchases but we don’t always have enough energy to move away from the comfortable chair and go on a tour of the market. is not it? But in our current world, and with the presence of mobile devices, everything in the world is just a touch on the screen or a button click on the computer. But while shopping for mobile apps is great, it’s reported that app sales are on the decline, why not?

What are the possible reasons for this?

  • One reason could be that people use their phones at leisure to search and compare products, and the actual purchase takes place in the workplace, usually from the desktop, laptops or tablets.
  • The small screen size can also be a reason because consumers are often unable to see the full picture and make sure that the important details of the products are unclear, making consumers very reluctant to complete the deal rather than searching through a large screen. In 2016, the share of e-commerce traffic from mobile devices increased by 47 percent, but only 27 percent of purchases were completed because consumers were often unable to see the full picture of the product on the mobile app or could be special offers. Discounts on products have ended or they have missed the covered costs.
  • In addition, privacy and security issues on smartphones raise people’s concerns. This makes it difficult for online retailers, who invest heavily in mobile markets but as a result, are unable to get successful sales.

Do not lose sight of the fact that customers are becoming more and more demanding in the electronic markets in particular and do not forgive the failure to provide any simplified and integrated service !!

What do companies do to boost sales through mobile apps?

E-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart works to promote safe and secure applications and people began to trust them actually. There are many special applications that provide an attractive for consumers to buy through these applications.

It has also helped improve communication between people, starting with online presentations via smartphone apps. Smartphone sales are set to increase soon, and e-commerce has huge growth potential in the coming years.

Growth in usage and expenditure

The number of people who have the option to use phone applications is very high as more than 70 percent of the world’s population will own a smartphone in 2020. They will spend more than 80 percent of their time on the phone using mission-specific applications.

Allowing consumers to identify products, discover deals and locate nearby stores is a huge business opportunity. Shoppers who use the phone app at retailers tend to buy more online and in stores and are also more likely to return the products they bought.

In particular, customers who use the retailer app tend to return the products most often when they buy them in the discount period and a week before the purchase. Applications often make it easy to buy things at the moment of recklessness, and when customers get some things unhappy with it, they regret their decisions and return the product.

On proposals that increase confidence in websites, it was suggested to focus on the application of the highest standards to ensure customer satisfaction is the core focus and also provide secure payment solutions to enable customers to make smarter decisions, while providing local services such as delivery on the same day or the next day to make the experience Shopping is smoother.