WordPress, Free and Easy Site Builder!

WordPress is a system, software and driver package for all types of websites that can be downloaded, installed and used for free. It is very easy to set up a website with WordPress, and you can do so in several steps and in a few clicks. Your web site Create and develop your own personal, corporate, store, corporate, news, educational, portal, etc. sites.

WordPress is part of the CMS ready for site builder , and other than WordPress, there are other CMMSs that work pretty much like WordPress, but WordPress is more powerful than all of its other competitors (Joomla, Drupal, etc.). We also work on the development of websites that are built with WordPress faster and at a much lower cost than dedicated Web sites, and then we look at the features and reasons for choosing WordPress …

As stated above, WordPress works more powerful than any other site-building system, and you can view and understand why WordPress is superior to the benefits listed below.

Now, I think you’ve discovered the most popular site of the world?

WordPress comes in two important parts, namely themes and plugins, in WordPress, which is the two most useful uses of WordPress.

What is a WordPress template?

In WordPress, the templates are known as templates and shells, both of which are correct. The best definition and explanation for templates is the appearance of the site . The appearance of the site includes: colors, menus, images and their size. , Text and so on, there are a lot of templates available on the WordPress template sites that can be downloaded, and if you are looking for a more graphical look and with super-rich features, you can create professional templates Buy at a very low price.

What’s a WordPress Plugin:

In WordPress, plugins are known as plugins and plugin names that use both of these items correctly. Plugins in WordPress play the role of features on your site, for example, you want to have a newsletter on your site until the user You can log in to your site by posting your e-mail to your site’s newsletter. You can use it to download and add to the WordPress site by using the WordPress email news plugin plugin, so plugins or extensions Like skins, they will have a very important application on a WordPress site.

What is the main source and source of WordPress?

WordPress.org is the official WordPress website, where you can download free plugins or add to your site in WordPress’s WordPress panel.